[Music Files] Upon Further Review… + “HOWGH” video


Ok so ya’ll remember I gave NWTS a 3 out of 5 stars?? I take it back! I’ve been listening to Drake nonstop ever since I downloaded the link, and even went as far as to buy the album this past Friday. After I listened to it a few more times, I have to confess that there is not one single song that I don’t like. I must have been off my game when I wrote my review because “Pound Cake” now goes hard to me. Songs that I skipped over before like “The Language” and “305 To My City” have now become songs that I quote regularly. I’m gonna even go as far as saying that I like this album better than Take Care now. It’s that serious!

The album has not only grown on me, but I also saw the video for “Hold On We’re Going Home” and fell in love. I liked the song before, but after seeing the visual I appreciate it even more now. It sort of reminds of me “Find Your Love” and even the video concept is similar. I love the 80’s Miami Vice vibe, but I won’t lie… I can’t take “ready for that war” Drake seriously for some reason lol. He’s that guy I avoided all through school because I felt that he was too soft ha! Catch the video after the break if you haven’t already, and leave a comment with your thoughts!



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