Politics As Usual

Is the government shutting down or nah?? I’m far from a political person. I hate politics to be honest, but I know when it’s time to wake up and pay attention. We’re supposedly four hours away from the first government shut down since 1995 (which lasted 21 days) and it doesn’t look like Congress is any closer to coming to a consensus. I did a news check and if this shut down happens to last for 3-4 weeks or more, things could really get ugly for us. Social security checks could eventually come to a halt and lesser government jobs like park rangers may temporarily be out of work. *blank stare*

All this is a result of Republicans wanting anti-Obamacare amendments included in the new bill, while the Democrats are against it, but that’s a whole other story in itself. So should I be concerned about my state job in parks & rec?? What are your thoughts on the latest government antics?? Oh did I mention there might be a hold on bank loans and obtaining a passport too? We’ll be affected in many small yet significant ways if they don’t get it together soon smh.



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