[Positive Monday] Own It… It’s Yours


Throw your shades on for #PositiveMonday! It’s been forever since I’ve written a Positive Monday post, but ya’ll know I cant leave you hanging without your Monday motivation. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the law of attraction, especially since Drake has been my go-to music for the past two weeks. Drake lives by the law of attraction and believes that if you claim something and put in the work to get it, it will eventually come to you. At first I looked at this from a negative perspective because it really just seems too good to be true. However, I started going through a really dark period in life where nothing seemed to be going right and the way I handled it changed my views.

It seemed like I started to think the worst, and the worst really began to happen to me. I went from having a pity party for myself to looking at everything from a positive perspective. This allowed me to figure out what it was on MY part that I needed to change. Since I’ve been looking at life from a better view, I’ve opened my heart to allow more room for hope. With that same hope, I’ve convinced myself to believe that my dreams are so big and that the world is so small that nothing can really stand in my way… except myself of course.

So here I pose the question, how are YOU envisioning your life? Are you the type to own your dreams and make them happen, or are you just standing around having a pity party when things go left? In the words of Drake, “own that sh*t, its yours… nobody else’s” #100




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