Are We Gladiators or Are We B*tches?

gladiators or bitches

I just got all of my life from the first episode of Scandal’s third season! ALL OF IT! This episode was so drama packed that I don’t even know where to start. First of all, we can all agree that we see why Liv is so determined and good at what she does. Does she really have a choice? Her daddy ain’t playing that slacking bs obviously. He really tried it when he gave her the ultimatum to get on a private plane and leave the country for 8 months, but Liv wasn’t having it. Cyrus ended up calling her and getting her to get off the plane, stating he had her back… but I already know what’s up with Cy and I don’t trust him at all to be honest. Love him but I’on trust! lol

So anyway, Mellie ended up getting the weak body guard who ALWAYS gives Fitz away to reveal to her yet another secret. She found out from him that an outside source who happened to be a female at a bar leaked the President and Olivia’s affair to the press. I don’t care how much Mellie irks me, that bish is a beast! She just don’t let up at all and she will go through the greatest lengths to throw Fitz under the bus if it means saving her own face. Liv, Mellie, and Fitz ended up meeting in a top secret spot to discuss what they were going to do. They came up with this detailed plan that they were going to reveal to the press that Liv and Fitz only slept together twice. However, just like any other time they decide to go public, something always happens to make it fall through.

Mellie and Cyrus ended up getting an innocent reporter caught in the crossfire by accusing her of having an affair with Fitz. They leaked a video during his campaign where she was seen stating how attractive she thought he was, I mean they completely ran that girl in the mud, so much to the point where the media said Liv was owed an apology. It was so funny how Sally Langston was READY to talk herself up as the next leader of the country, but Mellie and Cy put that to a quick stop with their plan. If that’s not enough drama for one night, the whole time I’m thinking that the Gladiators or Olivia’s dad or someone leaked the affair to the press, we find out it was Fitz! Then at the very end of the show, we find Charlie sitting in Cy’s bed with a drugged James and a gun. He takes him back to Liv’s dad where a folder is revealed with crucial information, but of course we don’t get to see what it is just yet. Did I mention that Liv is now representing the reporter that was accused of the affair? It’s just too much for me lol. . The season opener had SO many twists and turns, I have no idea what to expect next.

All I know is that Fitz told Liv in season two that he wanted her to be First Lady so why did he go back on his word so fast all because of Mellie’s usual threat? Although I hate the fact that we have to wait a whole week to just to get an hour’s worth of our favorite TV addiction, I can’t help but countdown until next Thursday at 10 PM lol. What are your thoughts on tonight’s show?? Hit up the comments!


SN: I LIVE for Liv’s fashion. #thatisall


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