[What’s Cooking] My First Roast


For as long as I can remember, beef roast has been my favorite Sunday meal. My grandma usually makes beef roast on Sundays, as well as my aunt, and it’s been passed down to my mom as well. Now I can cook but I ain’t no soul food queen, so I never tried to make one on my own. Well Saturday night my mom told me she was making a roast and I got hype off bat. THEN she decides to text me at 9 am Sunday morning to tell me she changed her mind. Talk about devastating!

I knew I had to take action lol. After laying around and debating for awhile, I decided I was gonna try this thing on my own. I got my mom to tell me the steps she takes and all the ingredients I would need. I made my store run and got so caught up in preparing my meat that I forgot to pick up any sides lol. Let’s just say that four hours later I had the most tender roast beef and potatoes and the best damned gravy you could imagine. And no I’m not telling how I made it, just know I’m on my way! LOL!! What’s your favorite Sunday dinner??



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