A Little Recognition Goes A Long Way


Everyone loves to be appreciated for their hard work, there is no feeling quite like it. Today I received an email from my boss thanking me for my help with registration for a 5K run we held this past Friday. Now I wasn’t expecting this at all because to my understanding if you’re an assistant, well that’s what you do is assist.

To be acknowledged for changing my work hours for the day was something I’ve never experienced at work before. A few of my old bosses were far from the most appreciative; even though they weren’t all THAT bad, they weren’t so quick to voice their thanks either. I can’t express how much this simple email made my day! All he did was thank me for my services and it has me cheesing like a Cheshire.

If there are people in your life who go out of there way for you, are always there, and you know you can depend on them then be sure to let them know how much you appreciate them. A little appreciation goes a long way!



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