[Fashionista Follow] @Freshhhprince_


How cute is Monifah?? Ya’ll don’t even know how obsessed I am with her Instagram lol. I’m always checking for her to see if she’s posted anything new because her style is just THAT dope. Monifah is a senior at my old high school, which says a lot about the way she dresses. Where I’m from it’s normal to dress like everyone else, but people talk shit about you if you dress a little fashion forward. What I love about her style so much is that it’s not revealing at all. You know at that age, most high school girls are experimenting with heels and trying to come up with their new style for adulthood, but Moe obviously already knows who she is.

Her style is very lax and 80’s/90’s inspired as she wears loose fitting jeans and tops often. I asked where she gets all of her cute tops and she told me Goodwill! Now when I go to Goodwill, I usually find a few cute things like blazers or shorts, but never any tops. She also cuts her own jeans with a box razor and cuts her tops from time to time. Of course it’s not all about the style, I’ve had the chance to talk to Moe personally on several occasions and she’s such a sweetheart. I’d love to see her do something with her passion for fashion in the future, but in the meantime make sure you follow her on IG and check out her style for yourself @freshhhprince_ and check out a few more of her looks after the break!



I want this owl cardigan for myself!





2 thoughts on “[Fashionista Follow] @Freshhhprince_

  1. Bcf ,Thank you guys so much for the post!! (: , I love you guys to death! Warms my heart that yall like my clothes etc. But yess like y’all have said, I shop @ goodwill , its crazy how pple out here buying high priced things going out and about just for clothes. Nothings wrong w/ goodwill. Some of the things I find is wayy better than the things sold in actual store! Now that I started thrift shopping I hardly even think about shopping at real stores unless for shoes. Seems like to me everyone wear the same thing and is rocking the same style because all the big shopping spots pick up on “the trend” the same old trends. So yes I felt like I should start on my own trend! Thank you guys again (;


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