[Shants Rants] My Name Is My Name


Pusha T is the man to me, ain’t no way around it. I’ve had numerous debates and talks with fellow music heads over the course of the past few days and I think it’s safe to say I may be a little biased with my opinion of him. I just love him! But about this album though, My Name Is My Name goes SO hard to me! After weeks of listening to what I’ve donned as “sap rap” from Drake, it’s long overdue for me to get my “trap rap” on.

From beginning to end, I’m all ears for MNIMN. I love Pusha’s up top sound even though we all know he reps VA to the fullest. 2 up 2 down!! Pusha talks shit in the illest ways with really clever, witty punch lines that you have to play back to follow at times. Not to mention he’s actually lived the life he raps about, and often makes it known that he would rather just be himself trapping than be a well-known rapper. I love the references he makes between rapping and being in the streets, and how similar the two are. However, he also addresses the fact that just because a lot of these rappers are talking about the streets, it doesn’t mean they actually have lived them. Pusha is so real to me!

The fact that this album was heavily influenced and produced by Mr. Kanye West himself just makes it THAT much more dope. Kanye is THE most innovative artist to me, and I’m always down for his beats and productions. I couldn’t really get into Yeezus because it seems like Ye was in such a dark writing space, but I’m all here for Pusha spitting on his beats. Some of my favorites on the album are King Push, Sweet Serenade ft Chris Brown, Hold On ft Rick Ross, Suicide ft Ab-Liva (this beat is SICK!), and Let Me Love You ft Kelly Rowland. It’s crazy how much Push sounds like Ma$e on the song with Kelly! I had to check Google to make sure Ma$e wasn’t featured in the song without being listed in the song title, but he’s not. Overall, I think this album is great and I already know I’ll be pumping it for months to come. Drake will be my go-to album when I wanna be chill, and Push will be the go-to when it’s time to get live.

What are your thoughts on the album? I definitely recommend the listen!



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