[Fashion Files] Bossy On Budget


I went out this past Saturday night and had a ball! Well to be honest we really just rode around Greensboro, sat in the pizzeria downtown for almost two hours just laughing, and only stayed in the strip club for maybe 30 minutes. Let me just give y’all a tip, Greensboro’s strip clubs ain’t sh*t!! My next move is to go to one in Atlanta. But regardless, the laughs we had were out of this world lol.

I found my outfit the day before when I went shopping with my best friend Tia. We were supposed to be getting our other bestie a baby shower gift, but it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t hit the mall for GP. We agreed that we didn’t feel like looking in Forever21 because they always have so much clutter, but then Tia started seeing different shirts she liked in the front entrance so we went in. I wasn’t even planning to find an outfit to wear out, but find an outfit I did!

I got my skirt and body suit from F21 that evening. The body suit was only $9.99 and the skirt was $14.99. I already had the shoes and accessories so I paid a total of $25 for my look! I was too hype about that! I loveeee finding cute items for cheap but making them look like they were costly. Fashion is all about how you make it YOU! Are you feeling this look?



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