Just Hold On… Y’all Know The Rest


I have not had any time whatsoever to blog. Trust me, I’ve wanted to but I can’t allow it to happen because there’s a ton of other stuff I have going on right now. For starters, school is full of bs lol. Don’t listen to me for real because college is so important, but I’m really feeling the pains of senioritis right now. I’ve been working twice as hard this semester so I can pull my overall GPA up to get into grad school next year. And with four classes, a PT job and a kid… It’s far from easy!

On top of that I seem to have overbooked myself for the next few weeks. I have two upcoming concerts to attend this weekend, my son’s birthday is in two weeks, I’m on baby watch for my best friend who’s due any day now, and there’s a slew of other things going on. THEN the kicker is, which I still can’t even wrap my head around myself, is that I’ve decided to move back home. After two years of being on my own, I’m actually moving back home.

Now if you know me, well you still may not get how huge this is. A year ago, this would not have been an option for me because I like my privacy entirely too much. However, after much deliberation on what I want in life and how I’m gonna get it, I think this is the best choice I could make. So I’m in the process of making a life changing alteration in hopes of creating new, life changing opportunities for myself. I could go on and on about how nervous I am, how I’m slightly piqued by what’s to come, and how liberated I feel to finally do something for ME, but then what would I leave to write about once it happens?? Stay tuned because I feel like it’s gonna be a helluva ride!



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