An Intimate Night With Erykah Badu

My mom & I at the Erykah Badu concert
My mom & I at the Erykah Badu concert

I don’t know anyone personally who is a bigger fan of Erykah Badu than myself. I LOVE THAT WOMAN!! So when I heard that she was coming to Greensboro, NC (which is 45 mins away from me) for an exclusive concert, I got my ticket that same week. I was originally going to take my boyfriend but I knew that he wouldn’t really be into it, and if I’m going to see the Queen herself then I should take another big fan. Duhhh who better to take with me than my mom, the same person who turned me on to Erykah as a kid anyway?? We had a ball!!

First of all, the show was supposed to start at 10 that night and I had to work in Danville until 6 pm that day. Danville is 30 minutes from my home, so after work I had to rush home to get ready and be out the door by around 8:30. Me and my mom both had to go over our hair, we had to shower and get dressed, and I for one had to do my makeup lol. We take forever to get dressed. But anyway, I get to her house a little after 8:30 and she has wine waiting for me. (SN: I didn’t make time to grab anything to eat which was a MISTAKE!) So we get to the show and we’re freaking out because we’re running like 20 minutes late and we have to park ALLLL the way towards the back of the parking lot. Of course my mom wears the most painful shoes she can find, and her feet are killing her by the time we get to the door lol. Mine on the other hand are fine, and you can’t tell me shit because I’m finally wearing a heel again LOL.

So here we are at the concert and I’m HYPE because I’m about to cross seeing Erykah Badu live off my bucket list.. and she’s late. I mean a whole hour and a half late. By this time me and my mom have had like 3 glasses of wine a piece. I’ve even met and exchanged twitter and Instagram info with like 4 different girls at the show in the lobby lol. I was all the way in my Afro-eccentric, natural hair loving, mixed print wearing element! The vibe from the crowd as a whole gave me life. By this time I’m literally starving and quickly picking up a nice buzz. I go out to get nachos and the line is damn near to the door. I’m telling you I literally have 2 people left in front of me when I hear them say that they’re out of nacho cheese. I could hear my stomach crying lol. As soon as I hear this, I immediately hear cheering from inside the show and my mom calls to tell me that Erykah’s coming out. I rush back to my seat and mama makes a quick dash out for more wine lol.

I can’t even put into words how I got my life from Erkyah’s whole show… I just can’t. The feeling I felt was a euphoric high. I often feel like I’m so different from all the people around me, especially those closest to me. So for me to experience the spirit of Erykah in person was everything to me. A lot of people say that I remind them of her which is an honor in itself. This whole night just made my complete little life, and being able to spend it with my mom made it even better. It couldn’t have been better, minus the fact that I threw up on the side of the car by the time we got back to Martinsville but that’s neither here nor there LOL. Check out a few live videos and more pics from the show after the break!




My mama could pass for my sister lol
My mama could pass for my sister lol

Thought I'd get my grown & sexy on
Thought I’d get my grown & sexy on


Mama's killer heels #love
Mama’s killer heels #love


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