[NEW CONTEST] Bring Out The Beanies


It’s beanie season bishes! I have a serious infatuation with beanies, especially since my hair is natural so when my edges get to rising I ain’t got no worries lol. In honor of my favorite accessory, I’m teaming up with my besties at Trixi’s Closet for November’s contest. This contest is based on beanies obviously, but we’re focusing on the overall look that you send. As with previous contests, you have to send a full body pic of yourself wearing a beanie and whichever look receives the most votes will be the winner. The pics can be submitted three different ways: you can post them to Instagram and tag @the_bcf and @trixiscloset, you can email thebosschicfiles@gmail.com, OR you can email shoptrixiscloset@gmail.com… but it HAS To be submitted one of those three ways, no exceptions. The pics are due by the day before Thanksgiving and I’ll post them to the blog for votes on Thanksgiving day.

The winner will be announced at the end of the month and will receive a free beanie from Trixi’s Closet! I’m so excited to see the different looks that will be sent! I know a lot of people LOVE beanies as I do, so I’m expecting a good amount of contestants this time around. May the best look win 🙂



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