[Shants Rants] Sail Out – Jhene’ Aiko


Jhene’ Aiko is the business!! I don’t know how else to put that. I’ve been a fan for a few years now thanks to two guys I met from the 757 through my old BF. They came to visit one day and were trying to put us on to her, but being that my BF at the time wasn’t into R&B he wasn’t feeling her. I on the other hand loved her sultry, light voice and loved even more what she had to say. Jhene’ is very much in tune with the soul and her vibes are just so natural and free spirited, which is painted vividly through her music. Not to mention she writes for herself, so what she sings about comes straight from experience and the heart.

Sail Out has a total of 7 songs, so you know what I did? After one listen, I put it on repeat and sat and listened to it over and over… seriously! I can’t get enough of these 7 songs. From the beginning with “The Vapors” where she talks about a love that brings on a high to “Comfort Inn Ending” where she sings about the cycle of getting played over and over and the loneliness it brings. “Bed Peace” has become my morning anthem. I’ll wake up and jam to it a few times to get my day started because the bubbly lyrics just take me there and put me in a peaceful state of mind. “The Worst” is by far my favorite… I can relate sooo much! “Once you got all that you wanted, nothing was ever the same”…  We all know what it’s like to love someone that you don’t need to be with. Like why did you even come into my life if you didn’t have intentions to do right?? Yeah it’s real.Then of course Kendrick KILLED his verse on “Stay Ready”, but I could be biased with that lol. “3:16 AM” was already my jam before the EP dropped and I’m STILL playing that like I just heard it, so that goes without saying. Lastly, the way she makes metaphoric reference between the significance of the rabbit and time in Alice in Wonderland to a love that she may have put too much hope and expectations into in “WTH” is pure genius. I now have new music to play on repeat!

Every range of emotion you can think of, she touches. She’s just so raw and real, no one could ever bring what she does to the music game because that’s ALL HER. I have so much respect for the passion she has for her craft… she’s like you know I’m not going to conform to what ya’ll want me to be, this is me take it or leave it. Artists like Jhene’ are the type that push music forward and bring new sounds to the table. I can relate to her hippie/Bohemian/soulful/free-spirited/weed-loving/eccentric ways 100% and this EP will make you feel all of that. This is definitely one that you’d want to spark up and vibe to!! I hope she continues to Sail Out and never sell out…. go Jhene’!!



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