13 Months Later…

[Fashion for less] Leopard Top: $6 from Old Navy; Oxblood Pants: $16.99 from Marshall’s; Booties: $40 from RueLaLa.com; Leather Jacket: Wilson’s Leather; Jewelry: Trixi’s Closet (of course)

Well my heel-less days are seemingly long over ever since I stepped out of my comfort zone the night of the Erykah Badu concert. I started by wearing wedged sneakers a few weeks ago, then worked my way up to the knee high boots I wore to the show two weeks ago. Just being able to stand in those boots the whole night really made my life. What can I say I’m a heel junkie!

After moving back to my grandparents’ home last weekend, I have the hardest time digging through totes to find a matching outfit. These pants and top just so happened to be staring at me from the top of two different totes, so I thought “BAM I have an outfit”… but what shoes would I wear? I kid you not these booties were sitting right at the top of my huge pile of shoes in a box with no top screaming “try me!”, so you know I couldn’t resist. I took a few steps around the room in them before I settled on this outfit and immediately realized my pains were minimal to none.

If you follow me on any social sites, then you’re well aware that going without heels has driven me crazy for the past year. I even altered my whole style to be more tomboy-chic because I HATE wearing classy/glam outfits with flats. I feel like flats are a total waste of money, time and energy. I invested in a pair of Jeffrey Campbell flats last year that got me through my dressy days for the time being, but I doubt if my feet will be seeing those now. So after 13 months and 9 days I can officially say, I’m backkkkk! And I couldn’t be more happy 🙂



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