[Shants Rants] Straight Scandalous


OMG!! Where do I even start on last night’s episode of Scandal?!? Let me start off by saying my friend Jennifer called it when she said “Liv’s mama ain’t dead” and I’ll be damned if she isn’t alive! But before I go that far, I gotta back it up and start from the beginning. Mellie, Mellie, Mellie… She and Fitz were adorable in their early days that were shown throughout the flashbacks. Mellie was truly a southern belle, and it seemed as though Fitz had swept her off her feet and moved her to Cali. However, it was clear even then that Fitz had major issues with his dad. They went back to when Fitz began his campaign for governor of California, making emphasis on how he didn’t want to use his military background as the highlight of his run. The only other option that would get him into office would be to have his father back him up, but we all know how that was going.

Soooo what does Fitz’ dad do?? Oh he just rapes Mellie that’s all. They were sitting downstairs having a drink and discussing Fitz’ campaign, when he made a pass at her! I take that back, he straight jumped on Mellie. And the kicker is that she didn’t even say anything! She went right on upstairs to bed with Fitz and although she was dying to take a shower, he wanted her to join him in bed at that moment so she did. Let me just stop right here for a second… I can only imagine how she felt!! The one thing that I hate to see on tv and movies more than anything is a woman being raped. It just really repulses me to know that there are men out there who will straight take it if you don’t give it to them. I almost shed a tear.

But anyway, the next morning Mellie acted as if nothing happened at all and gave Big Jerry the ultimatum to help Fitz with his campaign AND made him apologize. I have to wonder what her intentions were though. Like were you so in love with Fitz that you didn’t want to see him hurt so you didn’t tell him? Or were you so caught up in being in the public eye as governor’s wife and potentially the First Lady in the future that you kept it inside? OR were you trying to salvage Fitz’ already nonexistent relationship with his father?? These are all things I’m dying to ask her. On a good note though, we did get a chance to see Fitz step up and have Mellie’s back in their interview when she was being attacked by the reporter. IF he hadn’t stepped up, I don’t think I could’ve respected him as a man anymore.


Now on to this fool that we call Quinn… The fact that Liv’s team has been side eyeing Quinn all this time and for now what we see is a good reason, I don’t even know what to say! Quinn has been begging for trouble since she bought that gun. She wants to know all of Huck’s business, but little does she knows she’s sleeping with the enemy… literally. Charlie is a complete mastermind to get to Quinn the way he does. Like he doesn’t even have to try hard. Show her how to shoot, how to torture a few people, and get into some shit and she’s all his. He hit her with the ultimate okie doke when he got her to kill that security guard. The SAME security guard that Liv’s team needed to figure out the missing pieces behind her mother’s supposed death. The simple lines “Welcome to B-613” spoken from Charlie to Quinn just took me over the edge. How can she work for Liv AND her dad?? I CAN’T DEAL!!


In the midst of all this going on, other little important details came about as well. For instance, we now realize that Sally Langston’s husband is attracted to men on the low. We also know that Big Jerry was the one who cleared Fitz’ name behind the plane shooting. AND if that isn’t enough, all this time Fitz had no idea that Liv’s father was his commander! Obviously this episode was an eye catcher from the beginning to end because at the VERY end, we see Liv’s dad going to some top secret location with no clue where he’s headed… Only to find out that he’s going to see LIV’S MOM! So my next question is did she leave them and he locked her away so that Liv wouldn’t find out? I need to know why Liv doesn’t know she’s alive!

So many questions, so little answers and we all have to wait a whole week to find out what happens next. This was by far my favorite episode of all three seasons and it left me begging for more. What are your thoughts on last night’s episode?? I’m looking forward to hearing your theories!!



3 thoughts on “[Shants Rants] Straight Scandalous

  1. YO! When I read this, my heart started beating all fast like it was last night. I was like Lil Jon and hit that “WWWHHHAAATTTT????” when Liv’s mom popped up out that bed. It took me by COMPLETE surprise. And I’m mad because on facebook a couple days ago they asking “who should play Liv’s mom?” I assumed they were going to cast her for some flashback moments like they do in almost every episode. Had no clue they were about to cast her for current events. And I want to point out right before Quinn killed that security guard I tweeted “Quinn about to get into something she has NO business” and look. This chick got to be the dumbest girl I ever seen since Hilary on the Fresh Prince. On another note, I take back every negative comment I ever expressed about Mellie. When she told Fitz about all the sacrifice’s she’s made, I had no clue that she meant she literally sacrificed herself for the good of Fitz. BUT I have to wonder if she subliminally wanted Big Jerry to do that in order to get Big Jerry in Fitz’s corner. I mean she does have a track record of being manipulative and vindictive and getting her way. She’s wanted the White House since day one. I’m like you, I want to know why she never said anything! There’s more to that story than we know. Got to be. Oh and the VP’s husband, yea Cyrus and Mellie about to rock the VP’s world when they bring that to the public eye.


    1. Girllll I can’t stop thinking about all the drama! I’m so ready for next week! What’s your theory on Liv’s mom being alive?? And how crazy is it tht all this time fitz didn’t know that daddy pope is daddy pope! Jesus take the wheel lol… And Mellie def has a newfound respect from me as well. Remember awhile back fitz told liv that he and Mellie were basically forced together by his dad? Seems like they were in love to me!


  2. Yesss. I wonder what Mellie’s intentions truly were. I am dying to know why Liv’s mom lied to her for years and is still alive. I can only imagine how bittersweet their reunion will be. I just know it has to be a connection between B-613 and the mother. Quinn’s storyline is the epitome of less than (this girl named Renee tweeted it). I’m so ready for next week!!!


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