Justin Timberlake x AMA’s = #MCM


I didn’t watch all of the AMA’s last night because I did my sis Meyonka’s hair while we had a vent session, but I did see a few bits and pieces. Crazy thing about it is that I have a DVR in my room but was so caught up in the conversation that I forgot to record it. But anywho, JT;s expression in this pic is EXACTLY how I felt when I saw him perform. GOOD LORD No Shave November should be a 12 month thing because it made Justin extra sexy lol. I am a huge Justin Timberlake fan and have been since his NSync days, and I’ve always found him attractive…. but let me tell you, it’s something about his beard that just takes me over the edge lol.

Justin and his band are amazinngggg live which we already knew from the Grammy’s earlier this year. I loved his 20/20 Experience album and I’m actually STILL listening to it, so I was really happy when he won best R&B/Soul Album. IDC what ya’ll say Justin is black somewhere in that brain of his!! Lol check out his performance after the break… with his fine azz. It’s safe to say he’s my #MCM for the week!



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