NEW MUSIC: My N*gga Cue – JT HSE ft. Nova

I heard this song last night and immediately fell in love. This song was made by two up and coming rappers from my hometown who were good friends with Quan, the guy who got killed last weekend. I love this!! The beat is hot, the lyrics in the song have meaning, and you can feel the emotion behind the words. I think it’s so dope that they made this song because I know that Quan meant a lot to many people from Martinsville, ESPECIALLY on the west which is where I grew up. The loyalty that has been formed by all the guys that hang with each other from the west clearly runs deep and I can’t do anything but respect that. I hope this song touches a lot of people like it did me. It’s one that everyone who has lost someone can relate to!! Great message guys, let’s just pray that everyone can pick up on it! #RIPQuan



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