[Shants Rants] Fried Turkey – Starlito


“You only strong as your weakest link, one leak and your ship will sink”

I was put on to Starlito by my old bf about a year ago and ever since then I’ve been a fan. I played the hell out of his Funerals and Court Dates mixtape earlier this year. I think he’s sooo underrated! He was previously locked into a deal with Cash Money but never received the support from the label that he should have… He was even rumored to be the one who used to write for Wayne, but idk how true that is exactly. Anyway, I know he doesn’t get the shine that he deserves and I’m all here for his music.

His newest album Fried Turkey just dropped today and after the first listen I have to say that I don’t think Starlito has progressed much as a rapper. A lot of the songs on this album are similar to each other, as well as similar to some of his old work. I will say that he has very witty rhymes that you have to often play back to catch what he said, but has he progressed? No. But that still doesn’t mean I don’t love the album!

Some of my favorites off the album are “Eyes Closed”, “Keep The Change”, “Ain’t Going Back”, “Runnin'”, “The DUI Song” and “Insomnia Addict” which reminds me of a lot that I’ve seen during my many sleepless nights. I can see a lot of people quoting lines from “Like She Love Me” which is a decent track, but not one of my favorites. I can see everyone else LOVING it though lol. “Can’t Get Over You” is a dope track that’s about how he misses this girl who wants him to quit the streets. Typical hood love story, but I love the wordplay he used. He just kept it 100 and said exactly how he feel, but what too many hustlers are afraid to admit. I feel you Lito!

Even though I said this album sounds like everything else he’s done, it doesn’t take away from the fact that Lito is a dope street lyricist. After going back to edit my review, I noticed that I like more songs than not, so I don’t want anyone to think I’m downing him for not changing because I’m not. For some artist, staying exactly the way they are works for them, and Lito is one of those artists. This album will be getting a lot of play from me especially when I’m riding, chilling, and doing what I do *smirks* Are you a fan?? I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on the album so take a listen and drop a comment 🙂



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