[Shants Rants] I Promise I Will Never Stop Going In x Rich Homie Quan


I rock with Rich Homie Quan the long way, the strong way, and def the hard way… I drove my grandpa’s van to work just so I can listen to his album because I broke the tape player in my truck that connects to my phone lol. It’s that serious. I’ve been having debates for the past week concerning if Rich Homie or Future is the better artist, and I’ve said Rich Homie since I was asked the question…. after listening to his mixtape, my opinion hasn’t changed. I think he’s dope, his beats are dope, and the production of this mixtape was as well. But then again I love DJ Drama so I could be biased with that.

You can’t tell me that I don’t go hard in these skreetz when I’m listening to it ya heard me! Lol I’m petty, but I cannot wait to ride out to this mix all weekend and as much as I hate the word… “turn up”. He had my attention from the very first song “They Don’t Know” where he raps about what people THINK they know about him but really don’t. I’m sure everyone can relate to that. One of my favorites on the mix is “I F*cks With You Girl”… my sensitive ass actually shed a few tears when I listened to this song this morning. It was almost the story of my life at one point so it stood out to me immediately.

I think my absolute favorite is “WWYD” because it’s so raw and the chorus is so dope. I can’t help but bounce to it and think about all the people I know who out here thinking this exact same thing right now. Gotta love that real rap. There’s not a single track on this mixtape that I don’t like, except I definitely could have done without the Birdman feature. I haven’t been into Birdman since he dropped “Uptown” when I was in 10th grade lol. If you know me then I have a thing for hard guys with a soft side, so “Off You” is one of my favorites as well. That’s all I need is someone to relieve my stress and make me happy! This song will be a hit with the ladies and all the thugs tryna get at them lol.

Rich Homie gets a thumbs up from me for I Promise I Will Never Stop Going In and I will be bumping him as my ride out music for the holidays. I’m excited to see where his music career takes him and I hope he doesn’t go unnoticed! Anyone that rocks with Jeezy, rocks with me (like we friends or whatever lol). Post a comment with your thoughts!



One thought on “[Shants Rants] I Promise I Will Never Stop Going In x Rich Homie Quan

  1. Rich homie is the homie! and i can’t believe you like “i F’s with you girl!” i HATE that song, and skip it everytime, and it got you round here crying. Ch. but This tape was my favorite of last year. i love it. “man of the year” is my favorite.


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