[Shants Rants] Call Me Crazy, But… – Sevyn Streeter


Sevyn Streeter is hands down my favorite R&B artist of this new generation! Baby girl’s vocals are a beast! Not only that but the production behind her music is on point. I love her!! She reminds me of a female version of Breezy, which probably has to do with the fact that he took her under his wings. I love everything about her style, her personality, and how humble she is. Gooo Sevyn, I’m rooting for you!!

Sevyn just dropped a new EP today called Call Me Crazy, But… and it is everything! There’s not one song that I don’t like. Of course we all loved and STILL love “It Won’t Stop”, shoot I still turn it up whenever it comes on… and the rest of her songs are no different. They’re all catchy in different ways and she is serving with the vocals. The good thing about it is that there isn’t really anyone out right now that has a similar sound to her. I love how she does her own thing!

The first song “Come On Over” is about wondering what sex with a guy would be like and she’s basically telling him “hey just come over and then I don’t have to wonder anymore”. I love how she did that in a way that’s not raunchy, but she still gets straight to the point. Plus the beat is hot! “Sex On The Ceiling” makes you wanna do some thangs! It’s definitely a banger and that’s all I’m gonna say lol! “Call Me Crazy” is so self explanatory, describing how she doesn’t care how crazy she looks because she’s in love. We’ve all been there cause babyyy love will make you do some ish!!

The track “B.A.N.S.” is about how guys change up after they get what they want and how the girl always looks back and blames herself for making it too easy. Then the guy always flips it to make it seem like we’re tripping, we go back, and end up right back at square one… SO REAL! “Shattered” is about how couples throw stones at each other and the effects of an unhealthy relationship. I think this one may be my favorite on the album. It had me bobbing my head and reflecting from the first listen. Lastly, “nEXt” is about how an ex boyfriend becomes the next boyfriend because of the inability to let go. I think we’ve all experienced a relationship where it’s so hard to manage being together, but when you’re apart you’re just sick… so we go back.

The album is REAL and I love every bit of it! I definitely recommend that everyone give Call Me Crazy, But… a listen! It’s easy to relate to and the production is dope. I’m all here for Sevyn and hope she’s here to stay!



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