[Fitness Files] Got A Trainer Cuz I Always Wanted One

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When it comes to fitness, I thought I was the laziest person in the world until I decided to get a trainer. I’ve always been insecure about my body for as long as I can remember, I mean way back to my chunky middle school days. I’ve started so many healthy eating diets and workouts, only to be right back sitting in front of the tv in two weeks. I’m just lazy lol! But my laziness was starting to take a toll on me to the point where my body just felt sooo lethargic all the time and it felt like I weighed 10 pounds more whenever I ate. I didn’t have much energy throughout the day at all. So I decided to hit up my good friend Marcus who would always come to the Y while I was working and ask for some help.

I told him what my issues were and what I wanted to work on. Basically I’m not trying to be built or muscular, none of that… I just want to tone my body so that I can get some abs and my booty sits up if you don’t mind my honesty lol. I want my body to bang in a two piece! Is that too much to ask? Well let me just tell ya’ll I have been working out with Marcus and another girl named India (who is a beast in the gym might I add!) for 6 weeks now and I couldn’t be more proud of myself! The workouts that Marcus gives us are always of high intensity and I never think I’m gonna make it through initially. I always do though! For instance on this past Thursday, we had a “12 minutes of death” workout which included 20 pull ups, 30 push ups, 40 butterfly crunches, and 50 squats. We rested for 3 minutes then completed a total of 5 sets. I literally thought I was going to die during the workout, but once it was over I felt so good about myself!

Earlier this week our workout consisted of 12 box jumps, 12 knee-to-elbow pull ups, and 12 burpees repeated nonstop for 12 rounds. Talk about a mental challenge! I’ve realized quickly that it’s all in the mind and you can either psych yourself out or hype yourself up to get it done. There are ways you can convince yourself that the workout isn’t so bad. Instead of counting straight through, break down your counting into smaller sets to make it seem like less reps. I’ve also realized that working out with partners that will motivate you and are as motivated AS you will help you press though each week. I’ve noticed changes in my body already, and I don’t even go to the gym every day. Too bad I don’t have any before pics to show the difference between then and now. I’m well on my way to getting the body I want, and even considering trying pescetarianism (seafood only for meats) in the New Year. Have you made any goals to stay in shape??



One thought on “[Fitness Files] Got A Trainer Cuz I Always Wanted One

  1. Last week I went on a shopping trip in Charlotte. I needed some more jeans so since Aero was running an awesome sale ($12/pair) I went back to my old faithfuls. I love skinny jeans so I tried on my size 8 as always. Unfortunately I found out that my size 8 leg is now a size 10 and slowly creeping to a 12. I was NOT ready for them double digit numbers considering this is the biggest I’ve been my whole life. I used to be very active. But motherhood has taken its toll and so has my office job, where we eat like everyday. So for the new year, I’m going to start small. Giving up bread and sodas for 6 weeks. Then the next 6 weeks I’ll be adding sweets to the don’t eat list. Once the weather warms up, I’ll start walking and eventually running at Jack Dalton Park. I don’t like gym’s too much because I get so discouraged looking at everyone else. I plan to track my progress in my fitness journal I’ll be starting and with pictures as well. The goal, to get back in single digit jean sizes and, like you, have a banging bikini body by summer. If you have any tips, I’d sure love to some! Any little bit helps and you look awesome by the way!


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