[Shants Rants] Yonce’ Back


Everyone knows that Thursday night is Scandal night for me and is not to be interrupted unless there is an emergency. So I’m in the shower washing my hair after Scandal and when I get out, I get a text from my best friend Tia asking me if I have Bey’s new album yet. Umm excuse me?? What album ma’am?? She tells me to look on iTunes and BAM this bish has dropped a whole surprise album right under my nose after I’ve waited a whole YEAR for some new music. I’ve been cussing Bey out all year, especially after going to her concert to see her perform all the songs I already knew.

I was so hype, I started twerking in my room and downloaded it immediately. I’m so proud of myself because I didn’t actually sit down and listen to it until I finished my last final that Friday night even though it killed me to wait! I didn’t want to rush and put this review together, because hey it’s Bey! My favorite… the queen… you gotta let it marinate while you listen! Not to mention I had to actually see the visuals to go along with the music in order to wrap my head around the direction Bey was taking all the songs.

Let me just go ahead and say that there is not one single track on this album that I don’t like. You can tell Bey really took her time with this one… she outdid herself! This is by far her most personal album to date, which makes it’s very easy to relate to.  It makes HER more relatable. Who knew Beyonce’ had insecurities, gets jealous, and gets nasty in the bedroom?? We feel you Bey, we feel you!  Check out my full review, track by track, after the break but beware because it’s long!

  1. Pretty Hurts – She sings about the pains of being pretty or trying to be pretty and what society can do to you if you let it. She sings that it’s not the outside that needs fixing, but instead our souls. The video was a perfect representation of the meaning behind the lyrics. “What are your aspirations??” “To be happy”… that’s all we want too Bey lol.
  2. Ghost/Haunted- Ghost is the opener of the song Haunted on the album, although the two have separate visuals to accompany each. Ghost is about how unhappy Bey is with the current state of the industry and how she’s stepping out of the box to do her own thing. The visual is very stimulating and she looks gorgeous of course. Haunted is one of my favorite tracks, but I’m still trying to interpret the direction of the video. It freaked me out! Her voice over that techno R&B beat is so eerily beautiful though.
  3. Drunk In Love ft Jay Z- My favorite song AND video on the album hands down. I love when Bey gets gangsta, but at the same time she keeps it sexy. I already know this song will be getting mad radio play and is the one song that everyone will like even if they don’t like Bey. The attraction between her and Jay is so evident in this video, I’m telling you they can do no wrong for me!
  4. Blow- This gives me an 80’s R&B vibe, like something that Donna Summers would’ve been singing back then. The video for this is everything! Considering that the track is Pharrell produced, you should already know it bangs. Bey’s lyrics get reallll raunchy, but trust me when I say all women can relate! “I can’t waiitttt till I get home so you can tear this cherry out”… This is giving me “Naughty Girl” days all over again!
  5. No Angel- This is another one of my favorites on the album. Bey’s high falsettos in such an airy manner makes her voice so sultry and I love it. She compares herself to her counterpart and sings about how neither of them are an angel, and I can relate to this song ALOT. For some reason, there’s a misconception that I’m this really good, perfect girl and I’m far from that. I’m really really rebellious, I have these bad girl tendencies inside, and I’m most attracted to guys like myself. But who knew that Bey had a bad side?? We thought Jay brought that out of her, but apparently it was already there. The video for this, in dedication to Houston, was so trill and a perfect representation of all the things that influenced that “bad” side she has. Ya’ll see the motarized wheelchair with the rim on the back?? I was done LOL
  6. Yonce’- I really wish she had made this song a full track. REALLY! I’ve been quoting this one since the album released. Bey’s rap skills are pretty dope as she talks about how her “it” factor that makes everyone want to either love her, hate her, or be like her. And let’s not forget the video accompanied by some of the sexiest black models out here Chanel Iman, Joan Smalls, and Jourdan Dunn… they did that! “High like treble, pumping on the mids, ya man ain’t never seen a booty like this” 😉
  7. Partition- “Driver roll up the partition please, I don’t want you seeing Yonce’ on her knees” BOOP! Bey went in on this track in the most erotic way she could! I want to go to the strip club and see a few strippers working the pole to this one so I can learn some moves for myself LOL! The song alone is one that you can’t help but love, but the video… LAWD it just makes you love that woman even more. It leaves nothing to the imagination of what goes on in the power couple’s bedroom. Wonder how many times they skipped out on the club?? Lemme find out Bey on her “It’s Mrs. Carter if ya nasty”… I see you!
  8. Jealous- I can relate to this SO much. How many times have we as women gone out of our way for our men only to not be appreciated? Not just that, but they get away with so much more than we ever could in a relationship and Bey is sick of it just like the rest of us. We as women can be petty and do crazy things to make men jealous. Then we turn around and have makeup sex and it’s like nothing ever happened until the same ish goes down the next time. Bey gets us, and it’s refreshing to know that someone like her has been through the same things we regular women go through.
  9. Rocket- Bey is a BADDIE!! And this video shows no different. This song is sooo sexy and sensual and just makes you wanna do some thangs! It takes me back to her Speechless days, but the lyrics are way more revealing. I’m sure there will be plenty of women giving strip teases with this playing in the background. With the video in black and white, consisting of only Beyonce’s banging body and lyrics giving play by play steps of how it’s going down in the bedroom, there’s no doubt that babies WILL be made to this track.
  10. Mine ft Drake- This song is so beautiful and raw. The video is pure art in the  most minimalist form. There’s no question that this track is produced by 40 as it sounds JUST like something that Drake would make for himself. It describes the fears that arise in a relationship and how we can get carried away worrying about things that don’t even matter. All that really matters is that you have each other… *le sigh* I love it
  11. XO- I just want to sit in the stands (front row preferably) to a Beyonce’ concert belting this out at the top of my lungs. This song is so magical. They seemed to have so much fun shooting the video, which makes me appreciate the song even more… Ahh makes me want to fall in love again 🙂
  12. Flawless- “Ladies tell him, I woke up like dissss” My new anthem! Although hardly anyone that I know liked “Bow Down” when it dropped earlier this year, I loved it from day one! Now that she’s added “Flawless” as the second part of the song to go along with the video, I love it even more! The feature from Chimammanda Ngozi Adichie focuses on the stereotypes and standards placed on women that men don’t have to face. Then Bey comes in with the illest confidence in the world to make every woman feel like no one can see them. The dances in the video though??? Bey is so trill! I can see plenty of chicks out here doing the exact moves you see in the GIF I posted at the top lol.
  13. Superpower ft Frank Ocean- This song makes me want to go find the superman counterpart of my superwoman abilities and run away together. This song is the epitome of what her and Jay have together. And of course you can’t go wrong by adding Frank Ocean to this track. Everything he touches is fire!
  14. Heaven- This is my favorite slow track on the album. The video made me cry! For anyone who has ever lost someone, this is a really beautiful song that helps ease the pain. I loved how she used the video to relive beautiful memories with her long lost best friend. I always tell people that you have to carry on the good memories you have of lost loved ones and let them rest easy because they’re in a better place. This video and songs portrays just that.
  15. Blue- This is such a feel good song! After all the different ranges of emotions displayed throughout this album, Beyonce’ uses her dedication to her daughter to bring the focus to what really inspires her. You can easily see that she’s in complete awe of Blue. Then we got to see little Blue’s face and hear her cute little voice at the end of the video which made it that more special. I really enjoyed how she shed light on the culture of Brazil too; the people seemed so happy with life and carefree unlike us Americans who seem so angry and aloof to what true happiness is at times.

Of course I’m giving this album 5 out of 5 stars and it’s not just because I’m biased! Beyonce’ really hit every range of creativity you could think of from the tracks, to the visuals, to the way she just dropped the album out of the blue with no announcement. Of course I’m interested in hearing your thoughts about it, so make sure you post your own review in the comments!



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