[Fitness Files] Naughty Not Nice



Right at the end of 2013, I realized that I am the most in shape that I have been since I cheered in high school. I’m pretty sure I’m the smallest that I have ever been in my adult life and for that I am VERY proud. However, I went to work out last night right? We did 5 sets of back squats, worked on abs, and went for a run outside. I ended up quitting on the run because I was FREEZING, but that’s not even the point of this post. So I get home yesterday, go in front of the mirror to take my post workout body pic, and BAM! I notice that my pants are see through! When I got home from work I was rushing to find a workout fit so I wouldn’t be late. I didn’t think twice about what I had on, nor did I check myself before leaving the house. Well apparently I gave everyone a peep show of my “Naughty Not Nice” Christmas underwear, which says “Not Nice” on the back. Anddd apparently it must’ve been a good peep show because no one bothered to help a sister out and let me know. You can faintly see the outline of my underwear in the pic LOL. Guess I’ll know better next time!



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