[Shants Rants] The Soul Tape 3


Let me start this blog by saying that I am not a Fab fan and I really haven’t been since I was in high school. I’m 100% positive that I’m in the minority and that’s perfectly ok! I love what Fab has to say in his rhymes; however, it’s just something about his delivery that has always been off to me. I put him in the category of a nursery rhyme rapper right there with Wayne because that’s what I get from his flow. I was talking to a fellow music head and explained that I feel the way I do about Fab, NOT because of his lyrics but because of his actual flow. Leave me in the minority, we can agree to disagree on this!

Now back to this mixtape! I actually liked it, it was a decent listen compared to the usual vibe I get from Fab. There are a few standout tracks to me like “Situationships”, “The Get Back” (my favorite), “Sacrifices”, and “You Know” feat Jeezy. I’m all here for Fab’s tracks that are geared for the ladies and the streets. I feel like he has the right wordplay to tell us the truth in a way that we can’t help but respect. Fab raps about nothing but the truth. He has a song on this mixtape that everyone can relate to. I like the fact these facts about his music, but his actual delivery hinders me from enjoying the sound completely.

The best way that I can explain how I feel about this mixtape is by comparing him to my favorite rappers who have witty punch lines that you need to play back to actually understand. Kendrick and J Cole set the bar really high for me LYRICALLY and it just causes me to have little respect for rappers like Fab. Granted he’s speaking that real, but with punch lines like “If not my boys will put the beats on ya, Karen Civil ya” and numerous Instagram references it’s hard for me to don him as the rap king his fans make him out to be. And before anyone comes at me with the bs about Kendrick and Cole not being as successful as Fab, please understand that I said LYRICALLY.

All in all The Soul Tape 3 is a good listen. I’m sure I’ll be playing the songs that I like back several times in the car for long rides to bump my head. But this mixtape hasn’t changed my feelings towards Fab at all. He might be real, but his songs don’t make me want to hit the club, they don’t make me want to fix broken relationships, and they don’t bring out any of the emotions that I should probably feel when I hear them. I guess it just wasn’t meant for me to be a big fan! What are your thoughts??



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