[Mane Attraction] Marley Twists


As you know, my hairstyle is forever changing. I hadn’t blogged about my hair since I changed the color last month, but I went lighter shooting for auburn. It didn’t take throughout my whole head as I would have liked, but I still love it! Recently I got tired of fooling with my hair as I always do, and decided to try some Marley twists again. I had gotten them last summer, but they only stayed for a few days.

The Friday before Christmas, I decided to let my cousin try them on me. No one can braid as good as her in my eyes and I knew she would be able to get them to stay. After about 6 hours, a lot of laughing and talking, and a Wendy’s run my hair was done and I was in love. Marley twists are now my new favorite hairstyle! I loved not having to do my hair at all and they held up really well.

However true to my own nature, I don’t keep hairstyles long. After scratching my head to death on Monday, I knew they had to go. Now I’m back to my straight hair wishing I had Marley twists because it’s raining lol. I will be getting these again soon and highly recommend them if you’re looking for a cute protective hairstyle!!



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