[Shants Rants] Being Mary Jane Ep. 2


I am all the way here for the drama that is Being Mary Jane. This show is so realistic it’s not even funny! I don’t think there is any other actress who could have did this part as much justice as Gabby Union. I’m so glad she got the part! My twitter timeline was jumping last night with nothing but tweets about this show, so I definitely think it will be around for awhile. I’m glad!

So is it just me or does Mary Jane wake up and go to bed to a bunch of bs like every day?? LOL I mean really poor girl can’t catch a break. From the beginning of the episode when she had to rush to Dr. Lisa’s house who had swallowed some pills, I knew that this was going to be an edge of the seat thing all the way to the end. I was right! Mary Jane had apparently gone back to her boo David that she had been seeing prior to Andre. It seemed like things may have been looking good for them in the beginning, but it wasn’t long before Andre popped up at her house unexpectedly. Mary Jane tried to play it off like the person had the wrong house, but David caught him getting ready to put in the pass code to get through MJ’s gate. Can we say awkward?? Lol I probably would’ve did the same thing she did… run and jump on that couch so quick like I ain’t seen nothing lol!

As if that wasn’t bad enough, MJ steps out to grab coffee on her way to work and runs into who else but Andre? He tried talking to her and even attempted to put her seat belt on for her but she was not having it. She swerved him so fast and zoomed out of that parking lot with the quickness. She has the funniest facial expressions when she’s mad! When she finally got to work, it was revealed that one of their long term anchors/engineers had been fired, which put them all on edge about job security. The plot really thickened when Andre’s wife showed up at Mary Jane’s job to get the scoop on their affair. My mouth dropped! She asked the craziest questions like did she cum every time, where did they go, and does he love her… to me those questions should be geared for your cheating husband NOT the mistress! I loved how Mary Jane gave it to her straight no chaser and didn’t seem intimated at all. I’m just curious about what the questions will mean? I mean did she get the answers she was looking for? Does that make her leave or stay or what? I need answers!

Now if Mary Jane doesn’t have enough going on in her personal life to make her crazy, work isn’t far from pushing her over the edge. There’s a huge hurricane that’s coming in and her news station is all over the coverage trying to save ratings. Her friend Kara completely turned me off on how she handled her business this episode. There was an elderly couple who had weathered all previous storms out together in their home despite evacuation warnings, and they wanted to do the same in this hurricane. Kara actually ordered one of the new girls, Lindsay, to go out to the couple’s house for coverage despite how dangerous it was. When things got really bad, Lindsay got up out of there and left her camera which gave the couple opportunity to check in with the news station. MJ didn’t want to continue to cover them due to the ethical issues behind the situation, but Kara’s career driven ass basically made her. When the couple’s camera finally went out, Kara was more upset about losing footage than she was for the safety of the couple. That really showed me what type of person she was as if being inactive in her kids’ lives wasn’t bad enough.

Once Mary Jane finally got a small time break from work, she called David while he was on his way to a concert to see if he wanted to meet for dinner; however, she got the surprise of her life when she realized he was taking another woman out with him. Did I mention that he was screwing the other woman too?? I know they said they were friends with benefits, but really who does that and thinks it’s ok?? Mary Jane had apparently had too much in one day and decided to go to the gym to relieve stress… but Andre is there too lol. We have to keep in mind that she did meet Andre at that gym four months prior, so I wasn’t too shocked when he popped up. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was stalking her considering that he followed her to the ladies’ locker room to talk. After revealing that his pass code to his phone is MJ’s address and she saw his family plastered on his cell’s background, they end up having a steamy sex session right there in the changing rooms. Have you no morals MJ?? LOL baby girl was lonely as an alley cat on a cold winter’s night so you know she was going for that!

This show had me hooked line and sinker from the beginning to end and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I know we all would like to see Mary Jane do better because she’s a GREAT business woman with a big heart, but I’m pretty sure she’s not gonna let Andre go that easily. Is she going to use his sperm and make her own baby? Is the wife going to leave? Will she fall out with Kara for good?? These are all questions that need answers and I’m going to stick around weekly so I can get mine! Also am I the only one who thinks it’s weird that she’s having such a hard time disconnecting from a man that she’s only been seeing four months?? Maybe that’s the Aquarius in me! What are your thoughts on last night’s episode? Is Mary Jane being human or just plain stupid?

SN: For some reason her mom’s phone calls crack me up. I giggle every time she calls MJ in one of her rants lol!



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