[Day 1] My Current Relationship


As of today I’m starting this 30 day blogging challenge that I found online, where you post on a different topic everyday. Today’s topic just so happens to be the one thing I rarely ever talk about… My relationship status. A month ago, I would’ve said I don’t know what it is to be honest lol. Two months ago I would’ve said I was single. Today I’m smitten and by all means taken. This is what a walk in my love life looks like lol. I’ve been dating the same guy off and on for three years now, but I go back and forth more than anyone I know. I tend to run in the opposite direction when the going gets tough, but over time I’ve learned the art of picking and choosing what’s worth fighting for.

My current relationship never has a dull moment… Ever. I can truly say that my boyfriend is my best friend. I can also say that we drive each other crazy lol. In any relationship, I take loyalty to the heart. I don’t play about that at all and I’m sure that contributes to the fact that my relationships are always long term. Besides loyalty and trust, passion is one of the most important details in a relationship to me. If I’m not head over heels, head under water, crazy in love then I easily get bored. Spontaneity, humor, and desire are what make a relationship exciting to me.

However one of the things I have a difficult time mastering is the art of balance. With me being an intern, a full time student and mom, and working part time, it makes it difficult to make time for a relationship. Luckily for me, I’ve actually gone through things to make me recognize just how important that is to maintain love. I’ve even realized that sometimes you have to step away from a situation in order to see how to make it better if indeed both people actually want it to work.

Again, I really don’t like to talk about my relationship much because I feel like that’s one of the biggest parts of my life where I’m still learning and growing. At the same time, I’m that girl who has pretty much always been in a relationship. I can be very insecure at times and I have my waves of jealousy, but the people around me can definitely agree that when I love it’s hard and REAL. To know me is to love me!



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