[Day 2] 10 Years Later…


“Ten years from now bet I still be on top, I thought I told ya’ll that we don’t stop”

Today marks day 2 of my 30 day blogging challenge and the topic is about where I see myself ten years from now. Boy this one is easy! If I don’t think about anything else throughout the day, you can best believe my future is one thing that’s always on my mind. Ten years from now I will be getting ready to turn 35, Trey will be 16, and let me just tell ya’ll… If I’m not well; established by then or remotely close to being where I want to be in life ya’ll might as well kill me now lol. Living out my dreams is not even an option to me!

I need to figure out if there’s some sort of button I can add to my blogs where you have to click it and promise not to laugh at me before you can read any of my posts lol. After this one ya’ll might think I’m legit crazy by the way I’ve envisioned my future in such depth. Anyway I really want to start my own publishing company and build it from ground up where I have employees who work under me and run the business from my own office. I would love to be in charge of choosing which books are picked up and published, maybe even pick up some magazines in the process. Since I love to read (and edit) I think this job would be one that I could never get tired of. The people who work for me would all be passionate about their work, avid readers like myself, and our office setting would have the vibe of a close-knit family. On the side, I would be doing freelance journalism work and interviews for urban and fashion magazines. My career will NOT be one that I end up hating.

As far as my family life goes, I THINK I want to be married lol. And I say that because I don’t think it would be that big of a deal to me if I wasn’t. But here’s the kicker… I THINK I want another kid lol. I don’t really know how that is gonna work out because I definitely don’t want any more kids without a husband to meet me halfway. However, I’m just not that big on marriage to be honest. I’m wondering if that will change. My friends all think I’m crazy and radical with some of my views on life, and they could be right lol. I just think I’ve gotten so used to being a single mom that it won’t bother me one way or the other if that never changes. Now I will say that I have my future daughter’s name picked out if she ever graces this Earth. I’d share but there will be a ton of chicks having babies before I do and I don’t want ya’ll stealing my shat! lol

Ahhh my everyday life will be bliss. As long as I have the means and the time to travel regularly ten years from now, I will be one happy little lady. I mean I’m trying to add some serious stamps to my passport. Trips with Trey, trips with my mans, trips with my girls, trips with my crazy family… all at! I hope by then I will have successfully weeded out any bad seeds in my circle who shouldn’t be there. That way I can spend my days appreciating and celebrating life with the people who mean me just as much good as I do them. Because my friends are all just as driven as myself if not more, I already know that they will be highly successful. We’ll be enjoying the fruits of the labor we’ve been putting in now for the next ten years to come plus more.

Now I’m not the most religious person out here by any means, but I do have faith in God. Ten years from now I want to be living a life that is suitable in God’s eyes so that I can continue to be blessed in life and bring blessings to those around me. I know that I’ll be very philanthropic, making sure to give back to my own community and those around me as much as I can. One of my dreams is to start a teenage counseling/crisis center where the youth can go when they need any form of help that they don’t feel comfortable enough to seek from their parents. My own son will be 16 by then and I already know that he’s gonna be a beast in sports. Traveling to all of his games to be his number one fan is one thing I cannot wait to turn into good, lifelong memories!

Trust me, there’s so much I want to do to the point that the future is all I can think about at times. I know that there’s no way whatsoever to know where I’ll be in ten years, but I do know that I’ll be somewhere being a boss ass chic chic chic chic chic! Did I mention that I vow to be as fly as my mama in ten years too? Add that to my list LOL! Where do you see yourself in ten years?? It would be dope if we could see what we’d be doing, but then we’d be controlling our own lives and never waiting for the destiny God set up for us. I think I’ll wait on mine 🙂



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