[25 and Up Club] My Bday in ATL


I know I’m extra late with this post, but regardless of time I had too much fun not to share. My 25th birthday was everything I wanted it to be! I had so much fun in ATL and cannot wait to get back down there. I think that will be my new place  to take road trips vs my usual random trips to Charlotte. It’s definitely time to upgrade! Me and my best friend Tia had a ball the whole weekend, doing things that only we would understand the joy of lol. Gotta love us! The weekend was so exciting and fast paced that I decided to give a play by play. I hope you’re ready lol.

IMG_1951Friday my bestie Tia and I got to Atlanta around 12:30 PM after leaving from Martinsville around 6 that morning.  We went to the room to check in and get dressed for the day after driving down the road in comfy clothing. We were staying at The Renaissance hotel which was smack dab in the middle of downtown… Right on the next block from Peachtree to be exact. We couldn’t have gotten a better location.  We both were craving soul food and after checking google for some of the best local spots, we agreed on Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint which was right around the corner. We both got chicken and waffles and Tia tried a strawberry moonshine mixed drink that tasted JUST like bootleg lol. My waffles were BOMB but my chicken was a little under cooked on the inside to my liking. The overall setting of the restaurant was dope though, they even had old live video footage from a Whitney Houston concert playing. I was hype! SN: There was a gay couple who looked like two straight men sitting beside us… and one of them had a drink too, but he couldn’t finish it b/c it was too strong for him. I swear they had to be DL! They just didn’t look like they would be comfortable being openly gay


After getting our grub on, we did what we do best. We shopped! We spent majority of that afternoon at Lenox, not only shopping but taking in the scene as well. When I tell ya’ll I had never seen so many gay men in one day or one place in my LIFE…. man listen. I immediately felt like I had been living in a small city bubble all my life. I have no problems with gay people AT ALL, but it was both shocking and intriguing to see them so openly comfortable… It made me appreciate the city even more. I love when people are free to just be them. Even though we spent HOURS in the mall, we didn’t find shit lol. We ended up going to American Apparel across the street to find some overpriced bs to wear… This is where I picked up my crop top to wear to Diamonds of Atlanta later that night and Tia picked up her high-waist jeans. We kinda dressed similar without meaning to, but then again we are besties lol.


I didn’t get not a one single picture from DOA because as usual my phone is always dead at the most important times of my life (ie. sitting front row at The Mrs. Carter Show). Bringing in my birthday in the strip club was epic nonetheless. So when we first got there we could either pay $20 for the general club or $40 to get up top. Well it’s the night before my birthday duh we going up top! There’s this stripper who I can tell is a little older and seasoned but she was cute lol. She asked if we needed anything, I tell her it’s my birthday so she gets me a drink. I already know it’s about to be a good night lol. So me and Tia are chilling at our table, drinking, dancing, etc and  when midnight struck the guy over the intercom who worked the front door when we got there gave me a birthday shoutout! How dope was that?? We ended up leaving around 3 am I think… The strip club was great!

My bday “day” fit
Bday Tee: "Keep Your Mind Young... Age doesn't matter, I'm such a f*cking lady"
Bday Tee: “Keep Your Mind Young… Age doesn’t matter, I’m such a f*cking lady”

For my birthday, we did it big and ordered room service for breakfast. We didn’t get up until almost 11 that morning and barely made it in time to call in our food. If I can remember correctly Tia ordered banana French toast with bacon and I ordered turkey sausage, fried potatoes, two fried eggs and toast. Well my eggs were under cooked, but luckily for them I don’t mind. And I will never forget that half of my fried potatoes were purple. I don’t know if it was food coloring or what, but I wasn’t messing around lol. After eating and getting dressed, we finished up our weekend shopping at Atlantic Station. Since it’s pretty much an outside mall, the weather was perfect for the day. Their H&M was HUGE, so big that I didn’t even have the patience to look for anything. However, I did manage to spend $117 in Victoria’s Secret without even realizing it lol. They even gave me a complimentary box of chocolates to counter my spending… I’ll take it.

We ate lunch at this burger spot called BGR for lunch and they had THE best burgers and fries! It was set up like Five Guys pretty much, but they had a wider range of options for different types of burgers. I ALWAYS get mayo, lettuce, tomato, and pickle on my cheeseburgers no matter what and that’s exactly what I got here. The food was amazing! Of course my phone was dead and I didn’t get a pic lol. After eating, we decided to drop by FreddyO’s Tees and Quotes store so we could hit up some of the places we follow on Instagram. We wanted to get a Livin’ Legend tee from Glambar’s Sabrina, but she wasn’t in at the time. FreddyO’s mama was nice enough to call her for us so we could meet her and get our tees. In the midst of waiting, we purchased a slice of sweet potato pie and Mama O was nice enough to let us sit there and eat it. That pie was love!!


When Sabrina arrived, she was everything I thought she would be plus more! Sabrina is Lo and Bahja’s auntie from OMG Girlz and Shamra (Tiny’s bff) is her sister. She owned Glambar when it was up and running and now has a t-shirt line called Livin’ Legends. Sabrina recently did a stint in prison, but if you follow her then you’re already up on all that. Long story short, it made my birthday to meet her! She was such a lively, friendly woman and so so real. She even walked with us around the corner to Khloe’s Shoe Lounge which is also a shop we follow on IG. We literally spent 2-3 hours in FreddyO’s chopping it up with Sabrina and Mama O…. call me crazy, but being around REAL people in a different setting was one of my favorite experiences of my trip.


Tia and I did dinner at Houston’s that night after seeing all the socialites from Atlanta gush over how good their food is on IG. Well for the price and the wait, it better had been! I had the best steak of my life at Houston’s. The Hawaiian ribeye is something that will make you smack TF outta ya mama!! We split an order of spinach dip which was unlike any I had ever tasted. The whole restaurant just oozed high quality and I’m so glad we went! SN: There was an older white gay couple sitting beside us who spent AT LEAST the first 20 minutes of their dinner loudly telling their waitress about their coming out. Atlanta was interesting to say the least lol


It was time to get it in after we ate dinner at Houston’s. We had already gotten a booth with my friend Rissa and her friends who were in the A as well. I share the same birthday with Rissa’s best friend so we we are ready to let loose. We didn’t leave the hotel to go out until around 12:30 after taking HOURS to get ready. You know how women do lol. Our booth came with two big bottles of goose and they were gone in no time. Tia and I went in half on a hooka pipe and our orange dreamsicle flavor was LOVE! I had way too much fun in Compound that night. The DJ was on point, the drinks were flowing, the hooka had me mellowed out, I was cute, what more could I ask for? With the exception of wishing I could sleep beside my boo that night, I had a perfect birthday night. SN:  To top it all off, my ass peed right in the floor of our hotel room when we got back after Tia took too long to finish LOL don’t judge my life I had a good ass night!!



Just like that it was Sunday morning and time to go already. We had made plans to not sleep in too late so we would have enough time to get settled once we got home, but we ended up sleeping until like 11 again lol. We didn’t get our room together and ready for check out until right at 12, and by then we were hungry. A trip to Atlanta isn’t right without going to Zaxby’s. I love their sauce!!


I even kept it funky with my outfit on Sunday so I could say I did it up the whole trip… no bumming allowed lol. Ironically, I realized that I wore black the entire weekend and Tia did too lol. Black is definitely my go-to color in my wardrobe. Shout out to my new Steve Madden cutout booties for making my wardrobe possible and to my hair for cooperating all weekend LOL! Atlanta was way too good to me, and I’m already planning a trip to go back. 25 was my best birthday to date! Check out the gallery for even more pics from my trip, hope you enjoy!



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