[Day 5] What You Know Bout Me?



For Day 5 of my 30 day blogging challenge, I’m supposed to list 30 random facts about myself… I’ll try not to list any that I have before and steer away from things most people know. Here goes:

  1. I get super annoyed when people ask obvious questions. ie: I put on my coat and grab my keys and you ask “you gone?” UGHHH hated it! lol
  2. My mouth is very slick. I have a comeback for everything… I promise I can cut you with words if I have to.
  3. I am never satisfied. No matter what I always feel like I’m never doing enough. It’s a curse.
  4. I hate hurting other people. I’ll be extra nice to avoid hurting others’ feelings just to make myself feel better.
  5. I’m an old soul. You can catch me having convos with older people, listening to old school music, or watching old tv shows on any given day.
  6. I live in my head. I’m always thinking of a plan, stressing about my tasks at hand, reminiscing, or envisioning my future.
  7. I have a brother 7 years younger than me, but I grew up as the only child living with my grandparents.
  8. It still kinda bothers me that my grandma never really got to play grandma to me. Since she raised me she had to treat me like her own, we never got to have that “oh my mama and daddy said no so let me ask my grandma” type of relationship. We butted heads like mother and daughter at times.
  9. My family found out I was pregnant with Trey because my grandma read my diary and told everyone in my family. The Worst lol.
  10. I don’t know how to completely follow rules. Once I see how an establishment runs, I slowly find ways to break away from the structure and do my own thing.
  11. I have an F’d up sleeping pattern. I can rarely take naps during the day because I feel like I’m missing something. I’ve nearly always had a 1st shift job so I can’t sleep in. Then I’m always up late doing homework, blogging, or suffering from insomnia. OH but when sleep comes I hate letting her go lol.
  12. I’m silly as SHAT! I laugh at every little thing, I have a funny comment for everything, I’m constantly joking… laughter is the cry’s enemy if you ask me.
  13. I have the mouth of a real nigga. And I say “real nigga” like a nigga true to his ways not one that keeps it 100 because like every other sentence of mine has a curse word. I’m trying here lol
  14. I smell everything. It’s weird because I can smell every little scent. Most people look at me like I’m weird when I ask if they smell something. I guess it makes up for my horrible eyesight.
  15. I’m very insecure. VERY. But I’ve also noticed that we all are in some way. It’s gotten way better with age. 
  16. I had morning sickness and threw up right before my high school graduation when I was pregnant with Trey. And I had to give the class president speech o_o
  17. I am afraid of the dark. IDC IDC I just am *bites nails*
  18. I got grounded twice in high school back to back for 30 days each. Once for sneaking out the house to ride out with my boyfriend at the time then again for going to a party I was told not to. Rebellious without cause smh
  19. I compare me and my friends to every tv show, movie, or book with a group of women… and by compare I mean which character acts like each of us. I’m definitely Lynn from Girlfriends minus her crazy sexcapades and freeloading ways lol.
  20. I really can be socially awkward in person. I communicate much better via technology. Unless I know you well of course.
  21. I’ve worked with the public since my first job in high school. I refuse to do that line of work permanently.
  22. I can’t tell you how many books I’ve read in my lifetime. It’s my favorite hobby ever. I’m getting excited just thinking about a good book lol.
  23. I want a daughter, but then I don’t want anymore kids lol. I have her name picked out and everything, I just can’t see myself having anymore kids.
  24. Me and Trey have the funniest conversations. Sometimes I feel like we’re growing together, and I still have the hardest time believing I created him when I look at him. He asks the craziest questions though, always leaving me stuck lol
  25. I’m not really big on holidays. Well I am when it comes to the meaning, but not the gifts. I prefer to put in time and do things meaningful with my loved ones on holidays to show my love.
  26. I’m that girl that has pretty much always been in a relationship. I’ve had periods of being single, but they were never long. I never figured out if that was good or bad, but doesn’t really matter to me now.
  27. I hate being cold. But I would rather be cold than hot in the house. I hate a hot house.
  28. All through this post I’ve been imagining which emojis I would be using if I could. Emojis express everything my face is saying lol
  29. I’m an honest person. I don’t have it in me to get over on other people because I don’t want them doing it to me. I don’t bother anybody.
  30. I’m a bohemian round the way girl in my head lol. I love vintage, artsy and earthly things… all things natural. But I’m also cool, laid back and fun if I do say so myself 🙂

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