[Shants Rants] Bragging Rights


Yesterday I posted a tweet that said, “Chicks love to say somebody’s man want them. So if all these chicks’ men want you then where is YOUR man that wants you?”… I’m still waiting on the answers lol. I got a lot of retweets and mentions about this subject an a couple of folks told me I should blog about it. Now I know I’m going to ruffle a lot of feathers with this one, but it needs to be done. What exactly are you bragging about by saying that someone else’s man wants you?? In reality, when you have numerous relationship issues or fail to keep a man yourself, you should be asking yourself why none of these men want to actually keep you.

I personally cannot stand when men with girlfriends or even wives try to get with me. If you’re doing that to the chick you’ve been with through thick and thin, then I might as well cancel you ever taking me seriously and committing. Guys have a way of reaching out to different women to see which one will bite the bait, so trust me 9 times outta ten it’s NOT just you they’re trying to get with. If a man is unhappy in his relationship (hell some men don’t even have to be unhappy), he will reach out to different women to get what he wants until he finds what he’s looking for. You really shouldn’t feel special.

It irks me to no end to see Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posts like “oh that’s your man, well he in my inbox” or “you think you got him but you don’t” or “I can bag your nigga” posts. Real women don’t brag about that bs. Do you realize how stupid you look saying you can bag the next chick’s man, yet you don’t even have one who ONLY wants you? Lame at its finest. You let a dude come in my inbox with that mess, and I’m sending him right back to his girl’s inbox. I’m definitely not down for sharing nor just being a quick hit. So from now on if the next chick’s man is in your inbox, do yourself a favor and think highly enough of you to send him back where he belongs. Just because some men aint sh*t doesn’t mean you gotta be trifling along with them.



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