Do You Show Social Networking PDA?


I’ve always wondered how individual couples go about finding their level of PDA that they’re comfortable sharing with the world. Iggy Azalea and Nick Young are all over the headlines this week with their new GQ spread, after the couple began dating when he listed her as his #WCW on IG. Ever since, they’ve been very open about their relationship. Personally, I’m not a public person at all when it comes to relationships and that has definitely been acquired with age. When I was younger like in high school, I wanted my boyfriends to show me off so everyone would know what was up. I was ready to change my FB status, I wanted him to put it all over his page… the whole nine yards. My Facebook name might have even had my boyfriend’s last name included. Just the most!

Nowadays I could care less about PDA. When I’m out in public, I can be very touchy-feely with hand holding, cheek kisses and whatnot but it’s moreso from me just finding it sexy rather than wanting the attention. You can best believe if I’m doing all of that then I’m not paying attention to my surroundings at all, so it’s never for attention. I just posted the first pic in 3 years with my bf and even after doing so I was left feeling vulnerable and exposed. I don’t know if it’s because I enjoy the mystery or I just don’t like to give folks the validation that they’re looking for, but either way I don’t see how people constantly post about their significant others on social networks. I mean I’m friends with and follow some people who ONLY talk about their significant others.. Every. Single. Day. If you’re saying the same thing about them you said two days ago, why not just leave the old status up? Lol

So that leads me to question, when is social networking PDA too much? Or is it ever? There’s a thin line between people seemingly trying to prove a point in their relationship and people who genuinely want to shoutout their boo. I think SOME PDA is good for instance we see TI and Tiny, Bey and Jay, Monica and Shannon, etc posted up on IG all the time but it’s never overwhelming. On the flip side, Toya low key began to annoy me when she was posting about how great of a man Memphitz is back when the beef with K Michelle came out.  It didn’t seem genuine at all to me after awhile. It’s the people who feel the need to post every single day that make me ask, are you convincing us or you? What are your thoughts on this??



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