Everyday I’m Shuffling


For today’s post in my 30 day blogging challenge, I was to put my iPod (in this case my phone) on shuffle and list the first ten songs that come on. I took it a step further and listed either a thought or memory for each specific song. Here goes:

  1. Drunk In Love x Bey & Jay
  2. One and Only x Adele 
  3. Booty x Erykah Badu
  4. Reasons x Faith Evans
  5. Love This Life x TI
  6. Fool For You x Cee Lo Green & Melanie Fiona
  7. Ain’t Nobody x Faith Evans
  8. Mirror x Monica
  9. Now or Never x Kendrick Lamar & MJB
  10. Comes to Light (Everything) x Jill Scott
  • Drunk In Love- I won’t lie, I STILL love this like I just heard it for the first time. I love her country accent in this song
  • One and Only – Ooh I love me some Adele! I love this song too! Her 21 album got me through some serious emotions whew!
  • Booty- Erykah went in on this one speaking that real but what’s new
  • Reasons – I want this as my wedding song.. I actually read an urban book and the girl had Faith herself singing it in her wedding
  • Love This Life- I’m always here for Tip. This was a good song but Live Your Life, Whatever You Like, and Why You Wanna are his best to me
  • Fool For You- one of the best songs ever!! This makes me think of all the holidays my uncle came home and we would sing this on the karoake machine. Cee Lo and Melanie is a great combo.
  • Ain’t Nobody- This makes me think of all the times I read her book. I read it enough to know she was pregnant when she shot this video lol. and my friend Rissa had this as her call back tone recently lls
  • Mirror- The whole Still Standing album was epic for me. This song specifically takes me back to summer 2010 when I was breaking up with my ex trying to gain my self-confidence back.
  • Now or Never- Obviously I loved this song when I first heard the album, but now when I hear it all I can think about is Trey singing it while he’s playing 2K14 LOL
  • Comes to Light- ahh I listen to this song when I need some peace, some clarity, to reflect… I love it and everything Jill Scott touches.


Are you a fan of any of the tracks I listed?? I think this short list is a good representation of what variety of music I have on my phone. What are you listening to these days?



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