[Shants Rants] Ride Sally, Ride!

ABC's "Scandal" - Season One

Shonda Rhimes is so wrong for all the drama she squeezes into a one hour, commercial filled segment for Scandal every Thursday!! From beginning to end, every episode leaves me putting pieces together and this mid-season opener was no different. Before we could even get the opening credits rolling, Mellie walks in on Fitz and Liv tonguing each other down like two high school students. Well Mellie you wanted Liv back on the team and that’s exactly what you got lol. I guess she’s learned to not even say anything to them, because she walked right back out of his office and told him that he was needed when he was done. Checkmate!

Even though the devil jumped in Sally and made her kill her husband, she obviously doesn’t think she personally did anything wrong. She pretty much said F the White House and decided to run on her own as an independent party. The kicker is that she decided to stay right in the White House while doing so! Fitz being… well Fitz, shoots straight to his office to pour himself a glass of scotch which he then throws across the wall. At this point Mellie, Cyrus, nor Liv can calm him down and it is here that he announces his pick for his new VP. Fitz decides to go with his old partner from Cali, Andrew Nichols, who is a single, white playboy who has never been married. Definitely not an ideal candidate in America’s eyes. Despite how much Liv protests against the new candidate, Fitz isn’t hearing her at all and even makes her leave his office. He can be such a biotch at times!!

Just when we thought the rumors of Fitz and Liv were under the rug after last season, we realize we couldn’t have been more wrong! As Abby sat down for a TV appearance in a debate with Sally’s right hand man Bergen, he quickly put her on the spot by referring to Liv as the President’s mistress. Abby tried to save face but was clearly caught off guard, making the rumors resurface all over again. Cyrus made no hesitations in telling Mellie that this was all her fault as she was the one who suggested to bring Liv back to the White House. Of course Mellie then goes on damage control by staging a friendly lunch with Liv so they would be seen laughing and being cordial in public. Mellie even told Liv she needed to find her a public figure boyfriend, so you better believe Jake will be back in the picture!

“The greatest weapon I can use against him calls me Dad” has to be my favorite line of the night! Daddy Pope is playing NO games when it comes to his daughter and the way Fitz disrespected him to his face. When Liv sought out to talk to him at their favorite park bench from her childhood, he gave Liv the best read of the night. Daddy Pope is coming for Fitz and has it set in his head that he’ll kill him before his next term ends. All we know is that Liv better run before she gets caught in the crossfire! We all know her daddy stops at no extremes, especially after his warning for her to “Start grieving now”. Sheesh Liv can’t catch a break in her love life!

We finally get to see Harrison’s story line come in to play with the mysterious Adnan Salif. The whole time I’m thinking Harrison is running from some gangsta dude he used to work for, and in reality it’s a beautiful woman he can’t resist! Now I need to figure out what their history is. Does he have a legit reason to be avoiding her or is it all from a past love gone sour? I can’t wait to see! SN: I love his friendship with Abby, you see her reaction when he tried to take her gun? That’s love!

In the midst of all the forefront drama going on, we can’t forget about the real deal going on behind the scenes. A random text message from an anonymous user named “Publius” is sent to a reporter named Vanessa who works as a correspondent for the  White House. The texts ask why no autopsy for Daniel Douglas has been done and hints to Vanessa to ask around, where she then brings up the question at a White House press release. While Charlie and Quinn are working over time to clear up the name of Cyrus beam in the murder of Sally’s husband, Liv has Abby and Huck trying to get to the bottom of everything. Just when we thought Abby and Huck were getting somewhere with the coroner, we find that she lies and says that Daniel fell and hit his head as Charlie and Quinn hold her son hostage in the next room. And to put the icing on the cake at the very end it comes out that Cyrus’ own husband James is Publius is the flesh!! I am so afraid of what’s in store for David Rosen and James if it EVER comes out that they’re trying to bring Cyrus down… didn’t they lose their jobs before??

At the very end of the episode we find out exactly why Mellie and Liv had bad vibes about Andrew Nichols. In the process of Liv trying to discover why he’s still single, he revealed to her that “the one” got away years ago. Now who could he be talking about none other than Mellie herself?? As Fitz prepared to introduce him to America as the new VP, he stands next to Mellie backstage and tells her he’s waited on this moment his whole life. She’s thinking he means the White House, but he quickly tells her he means standing next to her again. I definitely saw this coming! I think Fitz is gonna take notice and shift his attention back to Mellie, but my fellow Scandal addict friend Jennifer thinks he won’t notice at all and Liv will move in for the kill. What do you think? All is fair in love and war when it comes to the games of Scandal!! Now where is Mama Pope??



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