[Shants Rants] Braveheart x Ashanti


Shani is back in the building like she never left the game! I couldn’t be happier! Ever since Ashanti announced the release of Braveheart  early last year, I was too excited to get my hands on her new music. Finally after several delays, I got it! I honestly can say that I’ve missed Ashanti on the R&B scene. I’ve always been a huge fan of her writing skills, and her personality and looks are just complimentary to her actual talent with the pen.

I love a good album with lyrics that I can relate to and that is exactly what Braveheart is. I can tell that this album has Nelly-inspired lyrics all throughout it! I really do like every track listed, some more than others, but I can listen to this the whole way through. From the Intro where she sings about a strong love for a guy who puts up with her antics. This song alone really got me thinking that Ashanti and I have the same relationship tendencies lol, and this feeling continued throughout the whole album. 

The album standouts to me range from #3 “Runaway” to #8 “Scars”. My son Trey told me yesterday, “You must really like these songs because you keep playing them over and over” LOL and he is so right! I really love the concept of “Runaway” and how she details that type of relationship where you really want it to work but it just doesn’t no matter what you do. But you still don’t want to leave because you love that person too much, so you runaway from the situations altogether. LOVE IT. “Count” is my ride out song and you better believe I will be playing that in the future as I’m getting dolled up to go out!. For some reason French Montana is starting to grow on me in a major way. After his feature on Rozay’s album plus the “Early in the Morning” feature on Braveheart, I’m slowly starting to like him. He made this song for me.

Now my three favorite songs on this album have to be “3 Words”, “Love Games” feat. Jeremih, and “Scars”. There is no way I could pick just one, but these are the three I currently have on repeat. Ashanti wrote the hell out of “3 Words”! It’s one of those songs that you wanna learn all the words to because you know you’ll be singing along for months to come. “Love Games” is just sexy as hell. Jeremih’s verse just does something to me!! “Scars” has a really catchy beat and flow, but the lyrics have real depth to them. I love how she promotes the idea that just because you’ve been hurt and knocked down, it doesn’t mean you’re out. You look at the scars as healing marks and keep it moving instead.

I’m so glad Ashanti is back, I really really am! She’s looking good, sounding better than ever, and she definitely can still make those hits. I’m so looking forward to which song she releases as her next single… I’m hoping it’s “Love Games”! What are your thoughts on Braveheart? If you don’t have a copy, better get you one!



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