[Shants Rants] Mastermind


I have never been a huge Rick Ross fan, but his music always makes me feel luxurious. I used to listen to him a lot more back when he first came out. Luxury Tax, Here I Am, and This Is The Life are a few of my favorites by him to name a few. Well I decided to give Mastermind a listen because I knew the production would be good. I was right. I love this album from beginning to end and that shocked the hell outta me! I’ve been playing this every day since last week, especially during my long drives to my internship and to work.

When I listen to “Rich Is Gangsta” I am rich lol. Like I said his music makes me feel luxurious, it just has that high quality feel to it. I ain’t mad. This is definitely one of my favorites on the album. But then we get to the next song “Drug Dealers Dream” which starts off with a bank recording reading off a number in the $90 millions. You already know this song has to go hard after that lol. Rozay went innnn on this track! Between “Drug Dealer’s Dream”, “What A Shame”, “Blk & Wht” and “Thug Cry” it’s extremely difficult for me to pick a favorite. Surprisingly, I don’t really care for “War Ready” even though I thought I would since it’s got my man Jeezy on it. Can’t win them all I guess lol. I even love the skits that he used throughout the tracks and even had to chuckle at the basic chick talking about how she’s NOT basic lol.

Rozay definitely has some bars for you on this album and I’ve been quoting him all week on twitter. French Montana is featured on the album twice, and both songs are my jam so I suppose you could say he did the album justice. I do wish Rick Ross would have put Justin Timberlake or Robin Thicke on the hook of “Supreme”, they would’ve slayed! I like the song “In Vein” with The Weeknd, but like I told my friend his music is just too depressing for me to actually get into. “Sanctified” with Kanye and Big Sean could have been better simply because it’s Kanye, but overall the song is dope. That chorus with Betty Wright is everything! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve played “Thug Cry” or how happy I was that Wayne took it back to the old Weezy on his verse. It’s just one of those songs that you sit and reflect to and I’m sure it’ll be one of those songs I can listen to forever.

All in all, Mastermind is a great album. I still don’t know how America let his correctional officer past slide considering how serious we are about celebrities being “real”, but I’m honestly glad he’s still around. There’s no other rapper out here that has the sound that he does, and his beats and production are in a world of their own. Have you gave Mastermind a spin yet? What are your thoughts??



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