[Scandal] No Sun on the Horizon


Liv baby, you can forget about ever walking in the sun despite what your dreams are made of lol. It’s just not meant for Liv to walk in the light, she will forever be hidden in the darkness of politics. Shonda Rhimes really does get under my skin with these cliffhangers of hers, but the woman’s writing skills are a stroke of genius! Why did she do us like that and leave us hanging on the edge of our seats with our edges snatched like that??? I Quit!! My best Scandal watching friend Jennifer came over my house to watch the show with me, and it was sooo funny comparing our theories and opinions on everything. Too much happened last night for me to give a play by play rundown of everything, so instead I’m just going to speak on all the things that threw me for a loop!

 First of all, when is Quinn going to die? I KNEW that Jake was going to put her on with B613 once he realized that Liv wasn’t ever leaving Fitz. I felt so bad for him when he asked Liv to walk in the sun with him and she got quiet. Jake is such a good man for Liv, but we all know her heart is with Fitzgerald Grant. Especially after we witnessed her tell him that Cyrus and Mellie covered up Sally killing her husband. I was not expecting that at all! It was extremely cute when Jake started talking about his fake job selling paper at Acme after Liv said she wanted to feel like a normal person. He gives her what she needs, but in my opinion she’s too love struck to see it.

Poor Sally Langston and her dance with the devil lol. She had me in tears throughout the whole episode talking about how she needed to get right with the Lord. She says Lordt like Madea does LOL! Sally had planned to tell the world of her sin at the Presidential Debate despite what her PR Bergen thought was best. Even Liv tried to talk Sally out of it, but ended up having Sally call her the devil in the flesh LOL! Since Sally wasn’t budging, Liv took it upon herself to ask Fitz to throw the debate so Sally would realize that God still has faith in her. This shocked me even more than her telling him about the murder of Daniel Douglas! Liv was definitely full of surprises this episode.

The anticipation leading up to Cyrus discovering Publius was almost too much for my heart to handle. I thought I was going to go into cardiac arrest when Jake had Quinn steal the files from Liv’s office. Then during the debate when Fitz’ right hand secret service man who is also undercover B613 aimed that rifle at Sally’s head, I was done for! Just the fact that the secret agent who kept Liv and Fitz’s secrets on the low in all the prior seasons is actually B613 blows my mind!! How crazy is that?? Fitz stepped up and threw the debate just when Sally was on the verge of spilling the tea… No matter how hard he tries to win this election by “flying straight”, his team obviously just is not gonna let that happen.

The last few scenes in this episode completely took me by storm and tried to take my life last night! Once Jake realized that he and Liv would never be normal together, he told her to do her job for Fitz and he was going back to doing his job. That’s when he officially inducted Quinn into B613 and he went on a big mission himself. He staged a meeting between James, David Rosen, and the two reporters in on their plan and ended up shooting the two women in the head. At the VERY end he let off one last bullet, but we didn’t get to see who he killed! The drain of my life!! But let’s not forget that right before he killed them, we watched Cyrus confront James about being Publius. However, Cyrus acted completely different than I expected. Instead of him spassing out, he cried and apologized over and over, but considering that this is Cy I don’t know how genuine that really was.

In theory, I personally think that James took that last bullet and that Cyrus staged his apology to make James feel more at ease with himself and his counter attack on Cy. My friend Jennifer on the other hand thinks David Rosen was killed because in the preview for next week it shows Liv telling someone they would find out who did it. She thinks Liv was talking to Abby. Scandal has gone completely haywire as if it wasn’t already, and I just don’t know what to expect next. What are your thoughts on last night’s episode?? Who got shot?! SN: Daddy Pope is the one backing Sally Langston’s presidential run… could this ever be real life??




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