[Fashion Files] Looney Tunes Crop Top

looneytunesblogI have increasingly become obsessed with the urban street, chic look that’s taken the fashion world by storm. Recently while shopping with a client, I copped the cutest Looney Tunes crop top from Forever21 for just $13 bucks. Since then I’ve worn it twice in completely different ways and wanted to show how easy it is to switch up your look by simply changing the accompanying pieces.

The first time I wore the top was to the club one night for a friend’s birthday. In the look on the right, I opted for a high waist, tattered jean skirt which I copped from H&M for $24. I paired that with Jessica Simpson gladiator heels I got from my mom a few summers back, a black crossbody bag from Forever21, silver hoops from Trixi’s Closet, and MAC’s Heroin lipstick with smokey eyes.

Over the past weekend, the weather finally broke and I couldn’t wait to pull out my shorts. Ever since I bought this top, I have envisioned it with my pink Chuck’s that I recently got from Marshall’s for $25. I paired the two with my $50 black high-waist shorts I bought last year from overpriced ass American Apparel  (SN: I ONLY got them because I needed something to wear in Charlotte at the last minute for my birthday last year lol) and my jean vest from H&M for $29.99. As it got chillier during the latter part of the day, I switched into the leather jumper on the left from Trixi’s Closet. Of course my earrings come from Trixi’s Closet too, I always support the home team 🙂

I can’t really say which look is my favorite because I like the top dressed up AND down; however, there’s something about high-waist shorts and Chuck’s that just give me life. I love wearing different items over to see how many creative looks I can put together. I really don’t get why people don’t like to wear the same things twice! To me it shows how versatile you can be and separates the true fashion heads from the fakes. Would you rock my looks? How would YOU wear it?



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