Ridin’ Round in That H-Town


I’m pretty sure week by week I spend a good 1/4 of my days driving in the car. Whether I’m going to work, my internship, taking Trey somewhere, going to class, or traveling on weekends I am ALWAYS in the car. Ironically one of my favorite things to do to clear my head is to drive in the car alone. It really gives me time to reflect on life and get a better grasp on my thoughts. Whenever I’m behind the wheel, you can best believe that I have some dope music to accompany me for my ride. For the past few weeks, there have been three songs that I listen to everyday. Sometimes I’ll just throw on my SoundCloud app, turn on my “Chill Music” playlist and just keep these three tracks on repeat.

“My Afternoon Dream” by Jhene Aiko is just so chill I can’t help but bob my head, smile, and just ride to it. Jhene’s airy, light songbird voice sounds so sweet as she sings over the mellow beat of the track. Instead of the hurt and drama-filled emotions that were present on her Sailing Souls EP, this track is just the opposite. She sings about a love that she doesn’t want to end and how much he’s shown her about the world. I close my eyes and envision the ocean when this is playing. Super dreamy track!

I’ma let you finish, but Anita Baker is one of the best singers of all time! When I saw that my fav white chick Jojo had jumped on Anita’s “Caught in the Rapture” I was excited and scared simultaneously. It takes a lot of guts to follow up on an Anita track, but Jojo did that! Her runs, the bass filled beat, the musical breaks towards the end, the rifts… Listen, I just can’t get enough of this track!! I can’t help but sing along to every single word and each time I listen, I get just as excited about the rifts towards the end as I did on my first listen. I’m so ready to see what Jojo cooks up in the studio in the future!

I’m here for absolutely any and everything that Beyonce’ touches but ya’ll knew! But let me just tell you, there’s something about this track by BOOTS (who produced several songs on her last album) that is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. For anyone who ever said Beyonce’ has no vocal range, I just need you to listen to this track then go sit in the corner and take a seat. This song is so dope to me that I find it extremely difficult to put into words the effect it has on me. It eerily reaches my soul each time I listen and moves me in a way that music doesn’t really hit me anymore. All I can say is that you should listen to the track for yourself, but I’m sure not everyone will “get” it like I did.

What’s on your playlist at the moment? What’s a must-listen for you when you hop in your car? I’m always interested in learning who’s listening to what at the moment!



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