The L Word

Living in a world where being loyal to yourself means more than having any sort of loyal ties to another human being is what makes up our current generation. Acts of selfishness and betrayal are easily masked by excuses accompanied by a nonchalant indifference to the feelings of others in this human race. Followed by the desire to be respected while leaving nothing to respect. Where the relationship title or friendship label is loosely thrown around with no valuable ties to hold them in place. It’s become ordinary to betray the trust of those that we so patiently acquired; far fetched to maintain a relationship for more than a set amount of time before the reality of it becomes questionable from an outside perspective. No one wants to put in work because work is accompanied by problems and situations that arise, totally screwing up the perception of perfection that we so often love to portray. Loyalty and compromise have become overshadowed by the mentality of “not owing anyone anything”. Dependency on others is damn near extinct. We begin to forget the few who still hold us on a high moral ground and instead only see those lacking. Somewhere along the lines the game shifts and we’re all too focused on ourselves to help anyone else. But what happens when we’ve shut down on everyone BUT ourselves and have no one to turn to when ourselves shut down on us? Loyalty is a lifestyle, it’s deeper than the word. It’s even bigger than being loyal to those who are loyal to you. If we all got on one accord and became loyal to our human race, the respect level for others’ and their lifestyles could grow indubitably. Too often the thin line between right and wrong is blurred to pacify ourselves. The sad reality is that even through the real, there’s someone who’ll read this and mystify my message with their own flawed reality… proving exactly everything that I said 😉


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