The Pursuit of Passion

EEK I started a new blog today! I completely did away with The Boss Chic Files this morning after weeks of deliberating if I should. Let’s face it. That blog was very generic, very much like the blogs of thousands of other women in their 20’s. From the title that I created almost five years ago to the content that was getting more and more trickled down by the post, I knew I couldn’t write on that blog anymore. I needed something fresh and enlightening, I wanted it to be more… ME. So here I am!

As my passion to write had become stifled by the expectations I had set for my last blog, I realized that I was blocking out my passion completely. It seemed as if my WILL to right was still there, but the ink had long run dry and no words ever formed from my mind. You know what it feels like to lose something you love, well I had begun to feel like I had lost my love for writing. I wrote down popular topics that I could discuss that would hit the masses, but no words ever flowed. Was I no longer the creative being that I knew I was born as? It was so scary to me.

I got so sidetracked by the desire to produce perfection in my work that I couldn’t come up with anything at all. Breaks in writing turned into a hiatus that I never expected. Before I could shift things back around, I was no longer desiring to write but instead making excuses for reasons I couldn’t. This whole process had affected my livelihood because without writing I feel as though a part of my existence is gone. I knew I had to get a grip on reality quickly or I would have convinced myself that writing wasn’t even my true calling.

You can’t run from your passions. I will no longer attempt. As frustrating as it can be to feel unaccomplished in your pursuit to obtain your passion, there is no worse feeling that not following it. Every single day I felt “off” with myself, as if I were going through some sort of depression if you will. I didn’t feel as though I was living life to the fullest extent, however there was nothing completely wrong either. I’ve realized that our passions are what drive our lives. Without passion where is hope? Without passion, the dreamers are mere sleepers with no outlook for tomorrow. The doting will to be “the best” can sometimes overshadow the learning experience in the journey. I didn’t even realize that the feelings I was experiencing at the time were plenty for me to hone my creative writing skills.

Keep your passion burning, your heart hopeful, and your dreams alive. Your livelihood depends on it. I would rather fall short a million times and finish last than give up before I end and never know the outcome…



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