Time is Illmatic

My music loving soul was made whole last night as I attended the screening of Nas’ Time is Illmatic documentary . Everyone knows that I have loved this man since 6th grade when he dropped “Ether”, so when I realized that his documentary would be showing nearby there was no way I could miss it.

Not a day goes by that I’m not talking to my home girl Keisha who lives in Virginia Beach, and she randomly brought up the fact that she wanted to see the documentary on Wednesday. I had been wanting to see it, but I thought that it would only be showing at Tribeca in NYC. Something made me Google the film and that’s when I realized that there were multiple locations, including Winston-Salem an hour away. At this point I’m damn near bubbling over with excitement and I immediately go to the site to purchase my tickets. Might I add that they only came up to $25 for the win!

Just as I took my mom with me to see Erykah Badu, I asked if she wanted to accompany me to see the documentary. I just feel like if you’re going to cultural experiences like that, you should always go with someone who will love it just as much as you. My mom introduced me to all of my favorite artists as a kid, so it’s only right to give her something equal in return. When we arrived at the Aperture Theater we were SO excited to see that they served alcohol LOL. And they didn’t give you a cup half full like most places, they filled the cups almost to the brim. We both ordered a Prosecco and went to take our seats.



Once we entered the theater, the first thing I noticed is how diverse the crowd was. My mom and I just looked at each other like this can’t be the right room, walked back out and asked someone working just to be sure lol. I mean there were more white people than black people, and majority of those were probably in their mid-thirties. I wasn’t expecting that at all! One of the dopest parts of the night was when this guy started asking everyone who their top 5 rappers of all time were. So before the film even starts, we’re all in the audience naming off our top 5 rappers. How dope is that?? After taking our seats I made sure to go to the bathroom before the film started so I didn’t miss a beat. Well on my way to the bathroom I got the most pleasant surprise being that I love all things artistic. Of course I snapped a few pics:

The wall behind the bathroom mirrow
The wall behind the bathroom mirror
The wall in front of the bathroom door
The wall in front of the bathroom door

I thought those were the coolest things. This place really made me feel in my element. Time is Illmatic was everything on its own. I have so much more respect for Nas after watching his story. All day I’ve been sitting here asking myself how in the world did he make it out of the Queensbridge projects? Actually seeing all of these buildings aligned next to one another and thinking about all of the people who live there coupled with how prominent crack was back then, it’s a blessing that he became the superstar that he is today.

He also spoke about the death of his best friend Ill Will who got killed basically right before Nas blew up. It just really made me put into perspective how everything that happens under the sun is controlled by a God’s plan. I also enjoyed getting his brother Jungle’s perspective about the way he came up. Something that stood out to me is when Jungle said that it should have been their mom instead of their dad who was still alive to speak throughout the documentary because everything that Nas is is a reflection of her. It’s so crazy how life works.

To be able to experience this documentary in an Indie film theater along with others who share the same love for Nas as myself, then to look over at my mom who’s rapping along to every song they play?? Man it was epic. I truly recommend that everyone make it a point to see this film. It’s real, it’s raw, it’s enlightening, and it’s inspirational to say the least. Nasir Jones is truly a one in a million artist. Get inspired! SN: I’m hype because I now know where an Indie theater is close by! Bye bye Hollywood films 🙂


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