The Generation Gap

Last night I discovered that I am no longer hip to the younger generation when I realized that Migos is three people who form a rap group and not just one person. Whoops lol, no wonder they sound like Gucci Mane to me sometimes and at other times they don’t. I really had no idea! Not only am I not hip to Migos being a group, but the current state of hip hop music just makes me cringe!! I was so excited when Brandy came out with MC Lyte, Yoyo, and Queen Latifah that I shot up in my seat so I could dance along to their performance. That’s my kind of music!!

After much speculation in my own head, I came to the conclusion that I am officially out of the loop with the younger generation and it’s scary! I’m having mixed feelings because although I don’t do, act, or concur with a lot of the trends of the younger generation, I also know that I am not old. It’s kind of like I’m stuck in a matrix almost and turning 25 has made that all the more evident. I don’t like it! I have regular conversations with several teenagers and have developed lasting relationships with them. They remind me damn near everyday how wide the gap is between those older than me and those younger than me. I’m almost shocked and shamed daily by the lack of knowledge today’s teenagers possess about my early days. I can name off all types of trends and happenings of pop culture from my childhood and they just look at me like wtf?? It almost makes me sad honestly.

Unfortunately, my worries for the younger generation don’t just stop with pop culture. It’s as if many of them just don’t have any morals whatsoever. I don’t know when the value of life and everything within dissipated, but things that aren’t moral are being viewed as “right” by our younger generation. It’s like they just don’t know any better at all, or maybe they just don’t care. Their generation wants everything to come easily, and they don’t seem to know how to be patient and work hard for anything. In a way I blame social media because the influence it has over the world is at an all time high. You can get on social media and search for anything you want- you can be anything you want- it’s really all about perception and to me everything is a facade. I feel like the younger generation is blinded by the fantasy online world and not really understanding what it takes to get the things that you see. Maybe that’s just me.

On the flip side, I’ve also noticed that I don’t really fit in with the trends of the generation before me either. As much as I hate the influence of social media, I do love what it can do if used correctly. And although I love the fact that the older generations stand by their morals and what they believe in, I also think that their expectations of young adults can sometimes be unrealistic in today’s world. So where do I fit in?

Most of the time I feel as if I don’t. Most days that’s perfectly fine, but on days like today it makes it difficult for me to be understood. There’s those younger than me telling me that my views are old fashioned and I’m just getting old, then the older generation telling me I haven’t lived enough to know anything. As of today I will no longer classify myself either way. You can always learn something new from both the old and the young, and if more people adopted that attitude then maybe one would be able to relate to the other a little more.

SN: Yesterday I listened to Justin Bieber’s album on my way from work, today it was Stevie Wonder’s first. Be open to all walks of life and you’ll be amazed at how much you learn.


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