Empire- The Lyon’s Roar


I’m just going to go ahead and put this out there… Empire is the most powerful, groundbreaking show that I have ever seen on TV! The dynamics of all the characters, the beautiful and talented cast, the amazing visuals, the dope music, the plot to the show… mannn I could continue forever, the show is just that good! I started a Facebook discussion on my status about last night’s episode, but then received several requests to write a blog on it. Ya’ll know I love to write and debating is what I do, so here goes!

There is so much to be said about the entire Lyon’s family. First of all, Cookie is everyone’s favorite girl. She is straight to the point, honest, raw, and funny- there would be no show without her! As much as I dislike Lucious’ conniving ways, I can’t help but have a soft spot for the man. I do believe that everything he’s doing is ultimately to bring his family closer together; it’s just being done in ways that we cannot see just yet. Jamal has been my favorite son throughout the course of the show. I love the way he defends his mom and defends who he is as a man. However, I will say that Hakeem is growing on me quickly. I love his vulnerability and how big his heart is. At the end of the day, he’s a young man who has dealt with mother issues all of his life and is handling it the best way he knows how. Andre though, whew ole boy is a totally different story. I don’t like him at all; and as much as I would like to, I don’t feel sorry for him either. He and his wife are masterminded manipulators.

So last night’s episode gave me everything I needed just like all the rest. It started with Cookie having a flashback of having to say goodbye to her sons when she was about to get arrested for drug trafficking. You could see how tightly Jamal held on to her leg and the fact that Hakeem was nothing more than a baby. Then it seemed like Andre was aloof to it all as he usually is. I think this whole scene was a good depiction of the how the dynamics between all of them and Cookie evolved as they grew older. Jamal is still attached to Cookie at the hip, Hakeem clearly has no remembrance of his mother being in his life, and Andre is still lost in the sauce lol.

Cookie comes up with a great idea to keep Lucious’ legacy going on forever by producing a family album featuring him, Jamal, and Hakeem. In exchange for the production, Lucious promised Cookie that he would drop Anika like a hot potato but something told me he was gonna switch up on her. The next thing I know, Boo Boo Kitty is calling him out for sleeping with Cookie and before I could blink Lucious has agreed to marry her next week to make up for it. They decided to make the announcement at the all white affair, but not without Cookie telling Lucious off and letting Boo Boo the Fool know that they had just slept together the prior night in the studio. Checkmate! So what does Anika do as a result? Oh nothing, besides go see the enemy Beretti and I can almost guarantee she slept with him by the way she slid that ring off.

Jamal won my heart yet again in this episode not once but twice. He and his supposed daughter are clearly having a hard time bonding because she misses her mommy. I mean who wouldn’t after getting abandoned like that? He melted my little heart when he started singing The Lion King with her. She is adorable! I’m not quite sure if he is the father- as a matter of fact I don’t think he is- but there’s no doubt in my mind that he doesn’t want to be involved in her life. I respect Jamal to the tenth degree, not just for that but also for the way he came out. I finally felt like Lucious may be starting to accept Jamal when they had that heart to heart talk at the all white party, but boyyyy when Jamal switched up the words to his song and said “makes a man love a man” and I saw the look on Lucious’ face…. I knew whatever hope that was there was completely gone. I was so glad Jamal came out like that! It was epic! And I really like the camera guy who encouraged him to be himself, but I don’t know how I feel about them starting a relationship. I have trust issues all throughout this show lol. It was completely F’d up that Lucious decided not to do the song after Jamal came out. Those moments were Lucious shuns Jamal every chance he gets are the moments where I really despise him.

It made my day to see Hakeem and Cookie mending their relationship! Cookie read ole cat-eyed Camilla for filth! I just hope that Hakeem can see that Camilla is just trying to get a piece of the pie before it’s too late. All I know is she better not come between him and his REAL mama. And I don’t want Jamal to get jealous and try to keep Hakeem and Cookie apart either. My favorite part of the episode was when Hakeem went over to Jamal’s to say how proud he was of him for coming out. He said it was the bravest thing he’d ever seen. To see Hakeem thugged out and manly commend his brother for telling the world he was gay… that was groundbreaking to me. You don’t see that often and it made me love Hakeem even more.

Now on to these psychotic fools named Andre and Rhonda… I really don’t even know what to say. I’m confused as to how Rhonda can be so conniving when it comes to her manipulating Andre into tearing apart his family, but when it comes time for her to take one for the team she can’t handle it. Was it just me that thought Andre wanted her to sleep with the old man’s wife at first and not actually the old man? Man those two are one sick couple! Andre feels like an outcast in the family because he doesn’t have a musical talent like the rest, so he attempts to off his head. I hope Cookie or somebody can pick up on Andre’s mental illness before it goes too far. Clearly his wife’s attempts to get him to take his meds aren’t working. Andre and Vernon definitely tried it by teaming up against Lucious like he wouldn’t find out. I’m glad he did! Lucious may be one evil man, but I love how he is attempting to keep the family business just that… in the family. Lucious better watch his back when it comes to Vernon because he knows way too much. I’m just waiting on him to spill the beans to Cookie that Lucious killed Bunkie!

Empire is epic and I really don’t have any other word for it. I have binge watched a lot of shows, but none of them top this one. A lot of people have been talking junk saying that the show is ghetto, stereotypical and depicts black people in the worst way. Personally I think the show touches on the struggles that black people have faced in life and the way we overcome, especially as a family. Like Lil Wayne said they “started out hustling, ended up balling” lol and I’m not mad at that at all! What are yall’s thoughts on the show?? Let’s discuss!


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