Current State of Affairs

If I went on a rant about how unsettled I feel about the current state of the world, it would never ever end. If I told you the things I’ve been reading up on lately including demons on earth, the New World Order, black oppression, mind washing from the media, etc I’m 99.9% sure that 99% of you would think I’m crazy as hell. But you can’t believe in God and not believe in all the evil things that are possible in the world. After all, it is in the Bible that the devil is the ruler of the earth. He offered Jesus the world if he would do just one thing he told him. While Jesus fought to his death to fight against Satan, you know the people on earth today aren’t remotely close to what Jesus was. We really need to wake up and see the world for what it is right now!

I didn’t come here to talk about my conspiracy theories though. I’m at my wits end with the issues concerning race in America right now. The media does an excellent job of twisting stories, covering only what they want us to see, and leaving a gray area behind the truths in many situations. The media is good for shedding light to a story, but don’t let that story having a bunch of missing loopholes. By the end of the week, they’ll have switched the topic at hand so that story that had you side eyeing everything you know about right from wrong is now a distant thought. The media sensationalizes EVERYTHING and people are so quick to comment on what they see in the media just to say they have an opinion without doing any real research themselves.

I’m so disappointed because all I’m seeing throughout my FB timeline is people saying that they are ashamed of the black people in Baltimore. While I do not agree with destroying a city and do not see any great results that could come of it, I can’t understand why people don’t see that everyone is frustrated with no outlet. People are quick to offer the blacks in these cities alternatives for how to deal with their feelings of oppression, quick to throw out stories that there are still “good cops” in the world (which is a given), but what about those peaceful protestors that aren’t being covered by the news channels? Is it safe to say there are still “good black people” too or do we need to portray a certain image to be considered such?

Rioting, looting, and destroying your city does not solve a damn thing, but when you’ve had a voice all along and never been heard what do they expect you to do? We’ve been conditioned to think that we have no voice in society; therefore, people have taken it upon themselves to act accordingly. Besides when we are victims of racial profiling, who are we supposed to call… the police? See the thing is, they all wear the same uniform so we can’t look at them and take it upon ourselves to decide which cops are “good” and “bad” based on their appearance like they do us. So what would happen if I treated all cops with ignorance because I’ve grown to be afraid of them and fear for my life on sight? Before you say you’re ashamed of the black race in Baltimore, be ashamed that you REALLY think this problem can be fixed and will just go away.  Everyone is more caught up in the bad portrayal of black people, when they should be more concerned with why we are suffering so much in the first place. But I don’t wanna pull the race card though *sarcasm*  that’s the first thing that’s thrown out when we do gain a voice and make a little too much sense. #wakeupnow


2 thoughts on “Current State of Affairs

  1. Well written. The problem is much larger than one portrayal of black people in a situation. We support for a few weeks via social media, they interview community leaders with the same message, but what ACTION is taken…its the missing link. I know it cannot and will not be done with one instance or situation but these kids need Action to believe there will one day be Justice. And that’s clearly understandable. Brutality has been happening for a long long time, get to the root to solve the problem. If only it were so simple.


    1. I really wish it were that simple. People think that posting their opinions online is the answer to all the problems. There are all these suggestions like protesting the buying of gas for a few days but no one is following through. Once Baltimore dies down no one will care again until the next person is shot by a cop and that’s the sad reality of it all.


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