Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous

I used to want to be famous. I wanted fame so badly that I would envision my name in lights and practice signing my name to prepare for when people asked for my autograph. I studied celebrities to the core. As a kid I would get my parents to buy me albums (or bootlegs – back then my daddy’s plug had the burnt CD’s with the album cover and all lol) and read the covers from front to back over and over. This was my way of learning who was who in the music industry like the big executives, producers, writers and whatnot. Back when videos were popular and I would be out for summer school, I would get up faithfully by 10 AM because that’s when Videolink and Cita’s World came on and I just couldn’t miss them! SN: Who remembers Videolink where they would play 5 videos that had something in common and we had to figure it out?) As I got older and the internet spread like wildfire, I quickly found urban blogs that would be my daily form of news up until this year actually. If anyone wanted info on a random celebrity, they knew they could come to me because of course I would know. My boyfriend and I used to play this game where he would ask me something about a random ass has-been celeb, and I usually would know the answer but if I didn’t I would find out within minutes lol.

Fast forward to about a month ago and all of that has changed for me. I could care less about any single celebrity or the entertainment world as a whole now. It all started when my friend Keisha put me on to this website that has endless information on celebrities and the sacrifices they’ve made and ways they’ve sold out just for fame. I don’t even want to go into details about the overall agenda that is behind their fame, but I believe wholeheartedly that there is a reason for it all. It’s way bigger than what we are aware of, even bigger than the celebrities themselves. Everything about celebrities makes us want more, more, more. We look at their lives and glorify being rich and famous, sex, material possessions, and a sinful lifestyle. Now I’m not saying I don’t live in sin; we definitely ALL do. However, the music and images portrayed by celebrities have a hidden agenda to encourage you to want and live that same lifestyle, no matter the cost.

People are so caught up in materials that many start sacrificing their morals to be able to obtain what they see. Out here selling their souls just to have what they see. Things that we KNOW aren’t right in the world are becoming more and more accepted as a result of it being seen on the big screen and heard in today’s music. You can’t even give an opinion on the things promoted by celebrities without “stans” going in on you for not agreeing with what their favorite is doing. People are quick to tell you to just let them live versus using common sense to question why the things they do are glorified; while if it were a regular citizen, they would be crucified for their actions. I log onto pages like The Shade Room, Necole Bitchie, Baller Alert, etc and people literally will curse you out with no remorse if you don’t think Rihanna can sing or Beyonce’ can dress. Everybody with an opinion that doesn’t agree with what a celebrity does is considered a hater.

People out here calling North West the cutest baby in the world when their own sister just had a baby that they haven’t even been to see yet lol. Hell some folks will give celebrity’s babies more props than they give their own kids! The obsession with celebrities is so real that we often overlook the skeptical shit that they do. They can literally murder someone and trust and believe a fan will defend them and say we don’t know why they did what they did lol. At what point do we stop glorifying regular human beings that are just widely recognized for their talent? Talents that many in the world possess but just will never be recognized for because they are not on a national platform. So with this rant all I’m asking is that before you go above and beyond to defend someone that doesn’t know you, ask yourself if you’d be willing to go that hard for someone you love? At the end of the day they are still getting their millions and we still gotta find a way to get ours!


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