Our Girls Need Love Too!

People really defend celebrities like they believe that maybe just MAYBE their favorite will see it, reach out to them, and then they will be best friends forever and ride off into the sunset together. NOT! I admit that I used to be a huge Beyonce’ fan and would get in my feelings whenever someone discredited her artistry. However, those days are long gone as I’ve grown up and had to give myself a reality check. These celebrities do not care about you, you OR you… what they DO care about is your undying support in order to keep their pockets flowing and will do whatever it takes to keep that fan base and and the checks rolling.

Fast forward to today. I was scrolling through The Shade Room’s Facebook page and ran across a story that said Kylie Jenner has been supporting herself since she was 14. I don’t know what it is about those damn Kardashians that make you want to click the links with their surname on it regardless of how much you despise them- maybe it’s because I know they’ll say something idiotic to further prove my point with them, idk- but whatever the case is I clicked it. So Kylie stated that she has been taking care of herself and paying for everything on her own since she was 14 because Kris cut her off at that point. In my head, I’m like “oh ok, well you know that’s good… I guess” but technically we all know she was born into money, grew up in fame, and was well set for life before she even knew the value of money. How does acknowledging those facts make anyone a hater?? Apparently in today’s society, it does.

Those one girl wrote a long paragraph. You can just read it for yourselves lol:

kylie post

Like is she serious? I’m going to hope and pray that this is a child because if this mentality is what’s present in current day teenagers and young adults, I’m highly concerned. This same girl probably has a negative opinion on any and everything ANY normal chick her age does. I’m telling you, you cannot state a given fact about a celebrity without the masses coming for you. Why should we give Kylie props for paying for her own luxuries starting at the age of 14 when she was already rich? I’m pretty sure that any deals she made a profit from was at the hands of her mother. This is exactly what I mean when I say people who really deserve props don’t get them, and those who deserve none get all the accolades in the world. “These bitches just made they can’t do it.” Oh ok, because if I grew up on Keeping Up With The Kardashians it would be SO difficult for me to take care of myself and find my own path in life.

On the flip side there are so many teenage mothers who graduated, worked through school, and are still handling their business just to make ends meet, but society would never respect them because no one told them to get pregnant at such a young age. There are so many young adults with parents who didn’t do what they were supposed to and they struggled and sacrificed to take care of their younger siblings and make ends meet at home when they were way too young to have that on their shoulders. Listen, there are endless stories of people who sacrificed, who learned from their mistakes and fixed them, who grew, who never gave up and they made it! Before we go so hard to defend people who will always be on top of the world whether we support them or not, let’s care about the real issues within our own communities.

No I don’t give a damn about Kylie paying for her own food and buying a multi-million dollar home before the age of 18. You wanna know why? Because there are a million young girls struggling to make it and they’re giving it their all. Some are paying their way through college, getting 1-2 hours of sleep per night because they have classes and jobs to go to. Some can’t go to college because their families can’t afford to send them. Unfortunately because they don’t have million dollar houses, luxury cars, millions of Instagram followers, and designer clothes they only wear once… no one cares. Leave it to society and all of our beautiful, smart but “regular” girls will grow to hate themselves because they don’t look or dress like that, they don’t date grown men, and they don’t wear a face full of makeup everyday. Yet society wants me to care about Kylie who doesn’t even have to worry about finishing high school LOL… do the math on that and get back to me when it adds up *smirks*


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