[30 Days of Blogging] 20 Randoms about ME


In order to get myself used to blogging everyday like I used to, I decided to look up some 30 day blogging challenges to kind of force myself to write out of my comfort zone. I tried to do this to the end about a year ago, but I don’t think I made it to past ten lol. After looking at several different challenges, I figured this one would make me think about my responses the most… so here goes!

  1. The real reason I never wear my hair straight is because I’m a perfectionist when it comes to straight hair. If one single root rises, one droplet of water hits it, or it gets a little oily I’m done with it lol.
  2. I am constantly putting on lip balm. And when I do it I go around and around and around my lips until I feel someone looking at me weird lol.
  3. I could eat tacos 365 days of the year. And a margarita won’t hurt!
  4. I walk better in heels than in flats.
  5. I prefer the book over the movie… Every single time.
  6. I’m a socially awkward butterfly. I never have problems talking to or meeting new people… But it always makes me feel super awkward.
  7. I talk to more teenage girls everyday than I do those my age. Older people like to show that they have everything together, making it harder for them to have in depth OPEN conversations.
  8. I have a very keen sense of smell… maybe it makes up for my lack of eyesight lol but I smell EVERYTHING.
  9. I still have my Archie Comics collection at my grandma’s house and I will never ever let it go!
  10. I think I’m a super deep person that most people don’t understand. Sometimes I don’t even understand where my thoughts are going…. they’re farrrr out there lol.
  11. I actually look up the meanings to words I don’t know and tuck them away in my mental rolodex for future use.
  12. I’m very cynical about everything, which can be a flaw. And my smart mouth doesn’t help. I often leave people in their feelings unintentionally.
  13. At one point I was so obsessed with Trey Songz that people swore I name Trey after him lol… I really didn’t!
  14. I just started back wearing sneakers this year after not buying any since high school with the exception of the two pair I bought when I broke my heel.
  15. There is no happy medium with me. I’m either all in or I want no parts.
  16. I have an obsession with Moesha. No matter how many times I’ve seen each episode I will still watch. I wanted her LA life when I was little lol.
  17. I can’t stand the feeling of touching something wet unexpectedly; it completely grosses me out!!
  18. Wintertime makes me want to cry… literally. And my birthday is dead in the middle of it.
  19. I’m an extremely private person. I don’t let anyone in on hardly any of my personal life, and if I do then you know I really really like you.
  20. I’m one of the biggest goofballs ever! But if you don’t understand sarcasm, you won’t think I’m funny at all.

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