My 2015 Wrap-Up

I think 2015 went by faster than any other year I’ve been in this world. It literally was here today and gone tomorrow! I personally feel 2015 was the year I gained full control of my life. I started making my own decisions without consulting a second opinion from friends and family. After putting my faith in God, I took a leap of faith in my career with which I could not be happier. And although I was not in church and Bible study every Sunday or Wednesday, I completed my first 365-day devotional book and restored my relationship with God in ways that were much needed. I wanted to make it a point to take at least three trips this year – one with family, a baecation, and one with friends – which I managed to accomplish within the year. Certain friendships blossomed within the year, while some fell off completely… and I’m perfectly okay with that. Most importantly, I have the freedom to spend so much more time with my loved ones since I work from home. It brings me so much joy to drop Trey off at school daily and be standing outside the doors when he comes out. 2015 has been a year of abundant blessings for me!

Of course the year wasn’t perfect, I mean we all are thrown curveballs in life and we adjust accordingly. Most people don’t know I had yet to receive my Bachelor’s Degree from ODU at the start of 2015 although I had walked the stage in May 2014. Because I was a distant learning student, I had two remaining courses to take that were not offered online until Fall 2015. It had been over a year since I had taken any classes, so needless to say I was a little stressed about getting back into the swing of it; however, I finished those two courses with an A and B all while working full-time and transitioning into starting my own business.

Speaking of business, it took everything in me to quit my job to start Written Works Consulting. Even after I had put in a one month notice at work, they asked if I would be willing to stay and I almost considered it. One of my old coworkers gained a higher position in another department and I even filled out an application for HER position well after I had quit my job. I was really allowing self doubt and fear of change prevent me from chasing a dream I already knew I could achieve. One of the things that helped me more than anything was having a partner and a mother who believe in me no matter what. Whenever that self doubt started seeping through, I would go to them for the words of encouragement I needed to keep going.

Now speaking of self doubt – I sense a pattern of my lessons of the year tying in to one another lol –  that is something I have struggled with for eternity. I suppose we all do. But this year I’ve noticed a change in myself. Even during my moments of self doubt, I’ve learned to pray, meditate, and change my thoughts instead of call everybody in my phone trying to find solace within myself. THAT by far is the most amazing feeling EVER! With the year ending, my self-confidence is at a level I’ve never experienced before. I don’t mean outward either; I just feel SO different inside like no one could ever tell me anything about myself because I know exactly who I am at this point.

2015 brought on 26 for me and I am beyond ready for 2016 and turning 27. Anyone who knows me knows that I HATE aging because I’m afraid I won’t accomplish everything I have planned before I die. So for me to be excited about my next birthday is… weird! I feel like 27 will be a year of completion for me and I’m so ready for it! I’ve already made my vision board for the New Year which consists of traveling more, using social media and my phone less, getting (and staying) fit, and taking happiness more seriously. What did you learn in 2015 and what are you looking forward to in the New Year? Happy Holidays everyone!!


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