Can’t We All Just Get in Formation?


You know you that b*tch when you cause all this conversation; always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper

I really didn’t want to do this because quite frankly, I’m sick of hearing about Beyoncé right now whether good or bad. Everyone knows I’m a Beyoncé fan, but I didn’t even get tickets to her concert this go around after being present for her last three shows. The only reason I’m even doing this is due to the high accolades Kendrick Lamar is receiving for his genius performance on the Grammys last night. If you know me, you also know I’m a huge KDot fan and he’s my brother in my head; however, I happen to find issues with the fact that many individuals have been negatively comparing Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance and “Formation” video while praising Kendrick’s Grammy performance last night. I beg to differ and am open minded enough to see the same message delivered in both with disparate artistry. In my views Beyoncé opted for a more unconventional route while Kendrick went with relatable visuals and deep lyricism as only he can do; but I still got similar messages from both.

The “Formation” video  is complete brilliance and cleverness displayed through symbolism and imagery only the black community would understand. I can see why it would bewilder and intimidate those who can’t relate to it. This video completely embodies black life specifically Beyoncé’s own Creole heritage in New Orleans. From the masquerades and parade for Mardi Gras to the obviously powerful church service and the breaking down of crawfish, you really can’t get any more black than that. There was even one guy dancing in the convenient store which we’ve all seen in our local neighborhood at some point in our lives.Oh and let’s not forget the beautiful clip in the video of the little boy dancing in front of the line of policemen. How powerful was it when he stopped dancing and the cops put their hands up in surrender? And I know we all saw the camera flash to “Stop shooting us” written in graffiti on the wall. Bey and her girls were even posted up in what reminded me of a plantation style mansion and guess where? They were laced in the finest clothing and jewelry sitting IN the house and Bey posted up ON the porch with our very own brothers. Dope!

To me, the video was real and the lyrics were empowering in a way that (I thought) we would all be able to relate. I imagine when she says “I slay, we slay” and “Slay trick or you get eliminated” she’s implying  that we all have to stick together and build each other up as women or we get left behind as “haters” often do. She said she likes her “baby heir with baby hair and afros” and her “negro’s nose with Jackson Five nostrils”. I feel like every black person should feel empowered by that because it’s sending us a message that we should all be proud of who we are, just the way we are. Beyoncé keeps hot sauce in her bag – which immediately reminded me of my elementary school friend, Jennifer lol – and she likes to go to Red Lobster and buy Jay’s just like a good majority of black culture whether we want to admit it or not. Although I can see why those who find themselves unable to relate to black culture may not understand the symbolism behind Beyoncé’s new song and video, I can’t for the life of me understand why black people are mad. She and her dancers wore Black Panther gear for the Super Bowl, she used Messy Mya’s voice at the beginning of the track (Google is forever your friend), and she’s praising afros and Jackson Five nostrils for Pete’s sake! If you ask me, those are about the only two features we have remaining that European culture and the fashion/beauty industry have yet to appropriate. Actually I have seen afros in magazines, they’re just not popular enough to be worn by mainstream yet (don’t worry you know it’s coming).

So thank you all for forcing my hands to type this even though I’m sick of hearing about Bey altogether. Thank you for ruining the concert for me and making me not even want to go. But what we won’t do is sit here and act like Beyoncé wasn’t promoting black power with the creation of “Formation”, that’s what we won’t do lol. You wanna know the real reason the general “media” praises Kendrick’s performance while trashing Beyoncé’s? It’s because Kendrick could NEVER be have as big an influence in music overall as Beyoncé. They pick everything she does apart to diminish the potentially powerful impact she could have on our culture as a whole, and we fall for it every time.

SN: I was going to post this yesterday, but I debated all day and night whether or not I even wanted to address the whole Beyoncé fiasco period… but y’all know I couldn’t resist! The same black people who didn’t understand the concept are the same ones that continuously say Beyoncé is overrated OR they’re at the opposing end of the spectrum and have already gotten their concert tickets just because it’s a hot commodity and they can’t miss out lol.



One thought on “Can’t We All Just Get in Formation?

  1. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 my thoughts exactly!!! Everyone is so worried about Bey, and there is a possibility Trump is our next president!!!!


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